Wyze Cam Outdoor & Base Station, Wyze Watch 47mm Firmware Beta Test 4/6/2021

Wyze Cam Outdoor & Base Station:

Firmware Versions:

  • Wyze Cam Outdoor: 4.17.1. 52

  • Base Station: 4.16.1. 22

What’s New:

  • Added support for Wyze Home Monitoring

  • Bug fixes

Wyze Watch 47mm:

Firmware Version:

  • 0.12.38

What’s New:

  • Added wearing detection to the sleep algorithm

  • Improved the daily calorie algorithm

  • Fixed a timer bug that caused the watch to vibrate slightly with the screen off


Looks like there will be an app update before the watch firmware can be loaded. Currently wyze watch is not a choice on the beta firmware tab

True, cannot even update it through the Device Settings then Firmware. The Bea Devices needs to be updated as the Outdoor plug is not there either.

Todays app update (which is a production release) adds watch 47 to the options for beta firmware.

I have above update installing now.

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Same here. I updated my watch. Hopefully they can get the Outdoor plug added to the Beta List as well.

How did you update it? The watch

Go to account/about/beta program/edit and check off the watch.

Then if you go back to the main menu tap the watch (it should pop up here but if not) tap the three dots top right and then tap firmware.

Make sure you are on this app version

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When you go into the app, select Account, About, Beta Program. Then Click the Edit at the top of the screen and finally tap on the Select All above the list of check boxes. Or scroll down the list and check the Watch.

After I did that, I then went to the Home tab and select the watch, went to the 3 dots at the top of the screen and tapped on it, then tap on Firmware. Normally when you first open the device, it will tell you that there is new FW to be loaded.

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Got it. Thank you.

well son of a… I was wondering why I wasn’t getting this beta update on my watch…had no idea you had to go back into beta program to select newly added products.



Lol. Yea, I got bit by that before. Now I just check.

BTW: I did find a bug with the Watch, will post it tonight. But here it is, I was on a call as someone else called in. The watch started to vibrate that there was a call, I got end in the watch to cancel that call and it hing up my current phone call. :slight_smile: .

I want to test it once more before posting.

Hitting the button on the side should just silence it (or at least it has for me) instead of disconnecting the call when you tap the watch screen.

Will have to try that next time. Didn’t think of hitting the button as it displays a big red button. :slight_smile:

Its definitely aggravating.

I prefer the silence option (in a normal situation it stops the phone from ringing too) over the disconnect, because If I ‘send someone to voicemail’ they know Im ignoring them, but if I just silence it, it still continues to ring on their end which makes it appear like Im just not near the phone.

agreed. Hopefully an update will fix this

@Yichen since updating to beta firmware 0.12.38, the watch has not tracked sleeping

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