My Wyze Doorbell behaves like a napping security guard

On a consistent basis, my doorbell cam fails to record events. Just last night it caught my son arriving home and entering the front door (Yay!) Two hours later my daughter arrives home and no event recorded. What the heck!


Can I assume it is a VDB v1 and not a Pro?

Do you perhaps have detection zones set? There are discussions indicating that when they “fixed” the video rotation and aspect ratio to allow integration with HMS Monitoring tab, it causes the video to rotate, but not the detection zone. It is claimed to be off by 90°.

I have not seen confirmation from Wyze that this is the case, but there are users in the forum who have tested this and reported it.

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Same here!!

That might explain some of the issues I’m having but not why it recorded my son coming in and completely missing my daughter coming in two hours later. I’m beyond frustrated with this thing. I just ordered a blink doorbell. I’ll see how that goes. I’m fairly happy with the rest of my Wyze ecosystem, but this doorbell has been driving my nuts.

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Don’t have a solution, because mine is doing the same thing, but I wanted to say your “Subject” or Title is spot on.

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