Video Doorbell Ignoring Detection Zone

Anyone has this issue since the last iOS app update?

Aside from the “Step 3” issues that seem to have greatly improved lately (read “not fixed” yet),
I discovered that the Video Doorbell keeps sending me notifications triggered by cars passing by the street.
This area has always been excluded in my setup but, since the recent app update fixing the “eternal spinner” on the area definition zone page, the page is accessible but it seems the camera is just ignoring the zone defined in it.

Most cars or trucks trigger the alert now. Pretty annoying.

The last month has been pretty terrible with Wyze.

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I have the pro doorbell and i have it set at 4 and not picking up vehicles on the street,latest firmware and im useing an android

I’ve always had this issue with the doorbell. Never obeyed my detection zone. I did turn down the sensitivity and that helped but now I don’t bother with the zones.

My was working fine until last week, when the app was updated.

Same issue with my doorbell. It was working fine until last update. I get packages at door with no notification or event yet a car in roadway is triggered even though outside the zone. Its an awful product.

It appears that the detection zone is rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise to what you set. It has something to do with the rotation issue they “fixed” for the Wyze Home Monitoring. On mine, when viewing the live image from the doorbell, it first connects with a low-resolution image, then rotates 90 degrees counterclockwise, then shows the high-resolution image correctly. It seems that somewhere in that rotational process, the capture zone is getting rotated differently from the image.


This is a very clever and credible explanation. I noticed this low-res phase too - but not the 90 degrees rotation.

Meanwhile, if true, it means some of their developers need a kick in the butt. This is a rookie mistake.
Also, presuming it’s the case, I can’t believe they haven’t fixed it yet,

Im using the doorbell pro on all of my rentals,and personal house and have no issues at all,

We get packages notication, had ups,Amazon today and it works fine,all firmware is the latest

Do you use the iOS application and did you update it two weeks ago?

This is what started this issue with iOS devices.

Android with latest updates on all 77 cameras that we managed

Thus your incapacity to reproduce the issue.
It’s an iOS app problem introduced after fixing a stupid area definition page loading issue.

Wyze replaced the infinite loop by an area definition bug.

This issue pre-dates the latest iOS update. My doorbell has never really worked with detection zones. My V3 cam always has though.

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Yup! Having that same problem on all of my V2 and V3 cameras since inception! No one can fix my issue. Following this thread - maybe there’s a fix for me too,

is Wyze going to fix this or roll back the update? I am not calling support because they are just going to have me reset the doorbell which is ridiculous to have to do with every update. I work in IT and when we have an update that doesn’t work we back it out and fix the problem. This is frustrating, what’s the point of having a doorbell camera if it doesn’t detect any movement.

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Same issue with my Video Doorbells. They give me motion detects when the trees in the blocked area move but no motion detects when a package is delivered in unblocked area.

I also still have lots of problems with delays showing the video feed.

These devices are essentially useless to me as currently implemented. :flushed:

I so much hear you.

It’s sad because the Doorbell was working flawlessly before the updates.
I really hope Wyze is monitoring the forums and that they take these issues seriously. Especially since they actually “broke” their product with a lousy firmware.

I would prefer less frequent updates but solidly tested ones.

I have 4 of pro on 2 houses and i have no issues after firmware updates, whats your issue/issues?

Aside from the issues with detection zones not working and long connect times, these devices are also not integrated into my other Wyze devices.

I can’t add them to a group, their events don’t show up in the events tabs and, they don’t support person detection. :worried:

All I want is a video doorbell that alerts me when someone is at the door and shows me who it is.

Isn’t that the most basic of functions for a video doorbell?

I have purposely delayed upgrading the FW on my VDBv1 (and also my App) because I can’t flash it back when the update breaks something new.

As of right now, with the .042/.130 combo I am running, my doorbell is operational and stable.

My detection zones are working properly, no load latency to speak of, and my CamPlus Person\Pet\Vehicle\Package detection, which the VDBv1 does support, is working and populating events to the events tab regularly. My only complaint is that the motion sensitivity has to be set considerably higher than my V3’s to get the same motion trigger reaction.

EDIT: The time latency between doorbell press and VOIP call initiation is also far too long. By the time I am able to get the video call loaded on my phone, most people give up and walk away. But, most are also uninvited solicitors, so thanks I guess?

There hasn’t been a FW update in a minute because they can’t figure out the 3 of 3 authentication problem that was caused by .042. But, since I am on that version and never experienced the problem, I suspect it is a conflict with something in the newer app versions.