Doorbell camera will.not.stop. alerting about items in the exclusion zone

I have an exclusion zone set up which is the road in front of my house. Over time it’s had some false positives, but today it has been alerting non stop about cars driving by. It’s not reflections, shadows or anything else - the camera is just completely ignoring the exclusion zone.

Does anyone know how to resolve before I rip this thing off the front of my house?

For example, I got an alert about a vehicle and people with these settings in place. It will not stop. 21 alerts so far for vehicles and pedestrians all within that outlined zone. I’ve set my detection sensitivity to 1 and it still persists.

Its working just fine zone settings have never worked do you have all other ali on,if so turn it off

I see you are using an iPhone. Did you update the app or the doorbell FW recently.

There have been other posts regarding problems with the detection zone for the doorbell. I seem to remember more problems being reported with the iOS app.

@kae4560 recommendation to turn off notifications temporarily may calm the annoyance until the next update.

However, I have the VDBv1 operating on an older, more stable FW version with Android app (130), also an older, more stable version and my detection zone is working.

You’re not alone.
This is exactly what I posted and what @SlabSlayer is mentioning in his post.

It was working fine for months and Wyze broke it (probably) with the last iOS app that was supposed to fix the detection area setup page that was not loading.

I bet you that they fixed the page but that the actual area defined is not properly sent to the camera.

This is EXTREMELY annoying.

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