Very Disappointed with Wyze Video Doorbells

You sure you don’t have the zone backwards?

Send a screenshot

I assume you mean motion tagging? This option is not available for the Video Doorbells.

Screenshot shown above.

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Really? Sorry, I don’t have the doorbell so was just guessing :slight_smile:

I replied to the other user, saw your screenshot.

@jdwarner94 and @aetoronto, you are not alone. There are MANY topics discussing the problems with the doorbell.

I do have the VDBv1 so I am familiar with it’s capabilities, features, and problems.

You are correct, the VDBv1 does not support motion tagging.

As for detection zones: One of the problems that was introduced on the VDB when they upgraded the firmware to coincide with the integration of the VDB video into the HMS Monitoring tab Security Cam Video, was ‘aspect ratio rotation’ so that it would be resized and oriented correctly within the HMS viewer. As we all know, the VDB video is not the same aspect ratio as the V3. When they did this, they caused a momentary rotation of the VDB live feed video. You may have experienced this when you load the doorbell. It will load, flip sideways, then flip back. Additionally, it also introduced the problem with the live view not loading and locking at 3 of 3.

It has been suggested by several users and tested, but not completely confirmed, that the ‘image rotation’ update caused a rotation of the image, but not the detection zone to coincide. Therefore, some have reported the detection zone to be ‘off’ by 90° from the image. Some have suggested that if you redraw the zone rotated 90°, it may work.

This is why the detection zones for the VDB are absolutely useless. It is also why Smart AI PD will not activate unless the zones are off.

I have all my cams on CP, but I pulled a V3 and the VDB from CP to test assignment to CPL.

You are correct, the V3 does show as available for assignment to CPL but the VDB does not. This may be a bug that needs fixed as I was not aware that it isn’t compatible. @WyzeJasonJ: can you shed any light on this?

I have not received any reliable push notifications since the FW messed up the VDB. Worse, the VOIP on button push takes so long to connect that the person ringing usually walks away.

Sadly, yes.

All Wyze IoT is third-party manufactured gear licensed and rebadged for the US market.

I am waiting for the FW RC Beta to test out. Once we get reports back from that, we may see some progress to return our doorbells to working order.

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Thanks for the explanation. Makes a lot of sense. Doorbell nice, but so many issues, stupid issues. The video on the phone all the way to the top of screen, even passing the top, been like this forever, no fix. No video Uploaded during events half the times, network errors, detection zones, late notications. Hard to keep supporting them. There’s more and more bugs, all they keep doing intruding dumb subscription crap. I need a working door bell and cameras, not some half planned dumb security system.


You will get no argument from me and your sentiment is shared by many. Unfortunately, I confess to being one of those subscribers who has all my cams on CamPlus and have the HMS Security System along with various other Smart Home IoT. I was an early adopter of the HMS and it was the only reason I started with Wyze in the first place. It was and still remains one of the best for the price…if it works. Ecosystem stability is mandatory.


The only information I have currently is from the original release of CPL back in January.

What cameras are currently compatible with Cam Plus Lite?
Wyze Cams v1, v2, v3, Pan v1, Pan v2, and Wyze Cam Outdoor. We need a little more time to make Cam Plus Lite compatible with our video doorbells. If you only have a Wyze Video Doorbell, we will send you another communication later on when it’s ready. The cloud recording experience on doorbells will not change on February 15th, it will stay the same for now.

That CPL change happened before I was employed by Wyze and was just a moderator. I will see if I can get an update soon on where we stand on getting more cameras on board with CPL.


@WyzeJasonJ, absolutely the exact information I was looking for. Thank you for the concise reply and the effort to see where the development is on this. Thank you! I learned something new today.


This is a little confusing for me because I don’t use CPLite. I pay for Cam Plus. So what additional feature(s) am I supposed to be paying for that CPLite users don’t yet have, and is that feature supposed to be working trouble-free for me as a paid CamPlus user/owner? I ask this question because I am presently failing to get reports, video or stills of many visits to my doorstep, some of which have caused much aggravation and needless expense in our household having to throw away wasted food dropped off in the hot sun. I really didn’t mind paying for CP but of course I expected it to make my Wyze DoorBell work better and continue to be reliable, which is the opposite of what has happened.

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As currently implemented, these VD’s are actually worse than just unusable.

In addition to not correctly performing the basic functions for which they are intended, they instead give false motion notifications which initially require time to check but then eventually just get ignored. Since a Wyze notification is a Wyze notification, I now pretty much ignore the legitimate notifications from my 15 other Wyze Cams as well. :slightly_frowning_face:

My guess from this thread is the zones are not blocking the areas I want blocked but rather are blocking the area I don’t want blocked. I’m going to try removing these zones to see if I can a least get back legitimate motion detects in addition to all the unwanted tree motion detects. :roll_eyes:


And that’s exactly what i did. I ended up turning off notifications for the camera. Every 5 minutes i get a ding for a leaf that moved. Yet, the delivery guy walks to the door and nothing. At Wyze, the priority became making as many pay-per-use useless services as they can. That works great when your hardware top notch and you have an apple as your logo, The cams having paid features, i get it. The doorbell, i don’t. It should do the basic thing, notify you when someone at the door.

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My VD is just a $50 decoration beside my door since March. During the 3 months of terrible app performance on all devices early this year, I tried re-installing the doorbell, and now it won’t connect to any wifi network.
Don’t waste keystrokes telling me it’s my network or call WYZE, life is too short to try the same tests five times, and trust the result will change on the sixth.
This only took 10 minutes to type because the keyboard on my tablet covers thr text, and if I rotate, it dumps me back into camera view and I have to navigate back through the forum to continue typing.

Yes, same happens on my Smart Phone. Typing blind. Corrections are a bitch! :roll_eyes:

I checked the forum for opinions and complaints about the video doorbells, both from reading the reviews and the specifications came to the decision not to buy them

After trying an Wyze Cam Outdoor and not liking it’s operation or performance I learned my lesson with Wyze!

The Wyze Cam Outdoor ended up in the best location, at the dump. Battery life was horrible, and eventually wouldn’t take a charge, but that’s what you would expect from 2nd rate batteries Wyze chose.

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The person detection in CPL is pretty inaccurate in my experience. At least 50% of the person detects I get on my Wyze Cams that are supported are just shadows or trees waving.

Certainly not an incentive to upgrade to CP since I assume it uses the same AI.

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When I bought the first V2 and Pan, the motion detection was good, shortly after Wyze changed it, i believe to something in house. Been crappy ever since.

I have CP and use the selection rectangles successfully to block out everything except our porch and the sidewalk leading up to the porch. That eliminated the street and the waving tree branches and leaves and the waving grass on either side of the sidewalk leading up to the porch. In fact, the selection rectangles did the trick even before CP was added.

This explanation of the detection zone makes sense. I have always wondered why it did not work properly. This sounds like it may be a tricky one for the software developers to fix. I would be satisfied if they could fix the “3of3” connection problem though. Luckily I have another cheap VDB (Yeoman) that I paid $45 for over 2 years ago that still works (I have to replace the batteries monthly). The free cloud storage ran out after about 1 year, but it still stores the video locally on an SDcard (which the Wyze VDB should have the ability to do)!

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