Wyze Support - I think I just got blown off... Ticket # 1712487

Dear Wyze Support, or anyone that is listening as I scream into the void,

I have a been a loyal customer for 3 years. I love your products. I’m ok with their eccentricities. For the most part, I can live with them. As with the current issue I am having, I was hoping to just get clarity but it seems I was punted away before I could even ask another question.

My problem: I bought the Doorbell Pro. It is NOT detecting Friendly Faces.

Question: Is Friendly Face detection working or not??? It was working on the basic doorbell.

My problem: When trying to set a rule to turn on my porch light when a person is detected, nothing happens. The same rule will work if I use a “motion” trigger from the doorbell. The old doorbell ran this same rule with no issue.

Question: Should it work? Is there a ghost in the machine due to my old rule I had for the old doorbell? Does anyone use a Person Detection trigger on their doorbell to do ANYTHING?

I sent all this to Wyze Support, along with firmware versions/etc/Logs (#424475)… and they said:

"This greatly helps our engineering team as they work to better improve our products and the Wyze app.

My team here in support does not review your log or follow the progress. We’re working on developing a process so that we can track these logs on our end, but it’s still very much in progress. We hope to have the ability to receive more details from your log submissions sometime in the future.

Patiently wait for an App and firmware update for our engineers to patch up this issue.
Please keep an eye out for firmware and app updates. If the problem persists, please continue to submit logs with the new app and firmware versions.

Please feel free to reach out with any additional questions and I’ll be happy to answer all of them for you!"

So, I guess I wait for something to work??? and no one answered my questions???

I guess I could email back but I feel like I’ve asked 3 times and no one actually answered any questions, just the typical … reboot your camera (it’s a doorbell). Latest firmware/app etc.

ugh… I’m tired.


So the support team can’t look at the logs? Why even have you send them. Sorry to say but the Doorbell Pro is a failure. You’ll have to wait till they come out with a better design.

I learned calling Support will be just wasting time.

Wyze could save some expenses by having knowledgeable staff answering this forum.

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