PRO DOORBELL - Person Detection Rules do not work

I have asked this before in other posts but I suppose I will summon the great @QiS.

I love my Doorbell Pro (wired). It alerts, rings, and even will run “Rules” if motion is detected or if the doorbell is pressed. I.e. Press Doorbell, the Front Porch Wyze Color Bulb turns Red.

It will NOT however, turn my porch light Red if a “Person Detection” event has occurred. I will note, the 1st Doorbell Wyze released (non-Pro) ran Person Detection Rules and also had Friendly Face Detection.

Person Detection Rules and Friendly Face Detection does not work on the Doorbell Pro for me. Is this just me or is this the product? Can someone check my sanity and tell me if you see these features working in your ecosystem?

Additionally, I don’t see detection zones or different sensitivities with the 1.0.64 firmware update.

I have opened a ticket on this and didn’t get an answer.


Bueller? Anybody?

Nobody turns a porch light on when their doorbell sees a person? Has anybody tried for fun?

Nobody responds? Nobody does this? Nobody has tried to test it?

Nothing… silence? No one from Wyze ? A forum Maven ???

Can someone setup a test rule and see what happens for you?

I’ve asked this question a few times and NOT A SINGLE PERSON HAS RESPONDED! I’m beginning to take it personal.

I had a rule initially when I first installed the doorbell. It was set to turn on the front door light when it detects a person. The rule didn’t work,

I did get it to work by changing it to detect (any) motion instead of a person, and now it does work. Haven’t tried updating it back to person, since it is working for what I need it to do.

I also have a similar rule on my V3 driveway cam, that does work with the person detection option selected.

Me too. Motion rules work with no issue. Just not Person Detection.

V3 cameras all run perfectly.

I came back to say that my Doorbell Pro works perfectly now!

  • Person Detection Rules Run (Porch light turns on when a Person is standing there).
  • Friendly Face Detection Works! (Earl was detected!)

Thank You Wyze!