Person Detected when there is no person

I have been using Wyze devices for many years, and I recently invested more into the ecosystem by adding few more outdoor cameras including 2 flood light camera and extensions from them, but false “person detected” and unnecessary turn off of the flood lights, and not to mention missing recordings on the doorbell pro makes me want to reconsider the whole investment.
I really wanted to add Plus Pro for person detection but I would hate to be woken up in the middle of the night because Wyze thinks some video artifact or spider web is a person and turn on the alarms.

I am also missing the video on doorbell pro approach, sometimes the recorded video starts well into person ringing the bell.

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The AI is not perfect, and no AI is. Spider webs and bugs especially seem to really confuse it. Please use the “Submit this video to Wyze” feature whenever you can and are comfortable with it, as that really helps improve the AI.

You can also try using a detection zone to block out anything that may look like a person to the AI.

Thank you, I’ve been submitting every single video with false notice, but my main concern is that there is no green box where it detects “person”. I totally understand these are not 100% accurate but when I wake up to see several “person” detected in backyard at 3am, then 4am, it’s kinda scary and makes it less effective. The other issue is that light keeps coming on. I turned off the camera detection for the light, because I thought camera was more sensitive, should I disable PIR and switch back to camera detection for the light? It keeps coming on at night.

Regarding the doorbell, should I start a new thread or is there any troubleshooting I can do to fix this? I understand doorbell is not designed to be a security camera, so there is no MicroSD slot (I wish it did) but at least I would like to know or be notified when someone is approaching my door.


The green box is completely seperate from anything else, and doesn’t tell you what was detected as a person. The AI scans every thing inside the detection zone, whether it’s moving or not.

For the doorbell, are you saying your not getting events or notifications, or the notification are just slow?

I get the notification but I am referring to starting of the recording. After the notification I check the footage, person is already at my door (in my case, for example my son already pressing the code on keypad) this means he walked all the way up the driveway (in view, within detection) up the walkway and stairs to my door, he is at the porch. Since door bell does not have continuous recording, I can’t rewind back to see the footage either, but I don’t mind the lack of that. I just would like to be notified sooner if there is a person approaching.

Hmm, after the event occurs, (or check a past event) in the events tab are you able to watch the recording and see if it captures the full event, including walking up to the door

@HX319N - For faster notifications on Doorbell PRO - have you tried wiring it in instead of using it on battery?
Battery powered devices take some time to wakeup first after motion is detected, this causes notifications to be delayed by a few seconds. But if instead you wire it up, it is always awake and notifications will be significantly faster.

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Sorry for the delay, it is wired actually, not on battery.
I will try to reset the wifi connection and reconnect to see if that helps. I am also having issues with my other cameras, still assuming flying dust particulars are person, I am just glad I don’t have the siren enabled with person detection because it would be really a huge hassle. I have been submitting every footage back to Wyze, I hope those help.

Do you have any other suggestions for person or motion detection, like I don’t want the camera to detect the motion on the garage spotlight, but use the sensor. I tried that too, I am not sure if it’s moving in the wind or something else (it’s pretty sturdy) but it keeps turning the light on at night, I assume some animal or someone walked by, but footage shows nothing, not even motion detection. Worse that when the light turns on, it triggers my other camera to send me a notification. Ugh, chain reaction of false notifications.

I was having the same issue with my V3 cameras. They started triggering on all motion - driving me crazy. I recently “deleted device” for each camera and reinstalled by using “add device” and set them up like a new install. Now they are working excellent. I have Qty 5 of the V3 cameras for over a year. In the beta program at release

Thanks, I did that when my wifi details changed, now it’s recording even shorter videos! :frowning: I see someone coming up, dropping to mailbox, but it cuts off before they completely leave the scene. I will adjust the settings. Thanks anyway.
Sometimes the doorbell performance is so bad that I get phone call on my phone (set up that way) 10 minutes after the person arrives and sitting inside the house, I think someone else is at the door then I realize it’s the bell press from 10 minutes ago. I am not sure what caused that but it’s a bit better now that I reset it.

Same issue here.

I’ve been a Wyzecam user for many years and have 10 or 12 cameras. Those eligible are on Camplus Light but most of my Person Detects are false apparently caused by shadows.

I may have been tempted to subscribe to the full Camplus but why pay a monthly subscription for something that apparently doesn’t work?

Am I the only one that feels this way?

Here is more info and some suggestions to try.

I think that’s a different situation. What jdwarner94 and I have is phantom person detection. What they discuss in that thread is a) cooldown b) multiple persons c) unable to detect person.

In our case, phantom “person” detection is actually worse because it can trigger alarm or call you in the middle of the night cause you to have heart attack. On the other hand, I think Wyze needs to work smarter not just AI detection but use some kind of logic at least if you have multiple cameras pointed to similar area, or overlapping area. If a person is detected by one, but not the other maybe Wyze should send soft notification vs WAKE UP!! THERE IS A PERSON!. Most of the time “person” was either compression artifact or a leaf or dust or something.

I have cam plus and it helps a little but not completely. This time it thinks the shadow or shape is a pet or something else, it’s even worse when someone walks and there is already a car parked, I get a message “Vehicle Detected”… even though vehicle has been there for more than a day, but when someone walks by, it thinks it’s a new vehicle? I don’t get this. This is especially problem on the doorbell pro. I have Cam plus on it as well, but it’s a problem because you cannot rewind and playback recording whenever you want since it doesn’t use same internals as other cameras, and there is no MicroSD slot.

On the link I posted, one person thought their mailbox was being mis-identified as a Person. Another suggested toggling off then back on Person Detection. I have adjusted my Motion Detection sensitivity to 75 and get very few false Person notifications on CPL.

Thanks, I’ll adjust it to 74%.