Doorbell not detecting people

Anybody else not getting person detection with doorbell? In the beginning it seemed to be working pretty good but the last week, I haven’t gotten but maybe one person. I keep getting just “motion” or I’ve actually gotten “package” detected on a couple. This morning when Amazon showed up, I got “vehicle” when there was a person clearly in front of the doorbell. I was out front doing some yardwork last Sunday and I was in front of it many times and I only got one “person”, the rest were “motion”.

My doorbell has been detecting people without issues. Is person detection working on your other cameras?
Have you made sure:
The doorbell’s firmware is up to date?
Person detection didn’t get disabled in the advanced settings?
You don’t have any filters applied in the events tab of the Wyze app?

If all seems normal, try removing the Cam Plus license from the doorbell adding it back. Sometimes this will fix the issue.

Yes my other cameras are getting person detection. All other answers are yes. I just tried deactivating it from cam plus and reactivating it for the second time. And I walked up to it and this time it reported a person, so it may be working now. I hope.

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