AI person detection with zones

I recently purchased a video doorbell pro and I’m having trouble with the settings. I signed up for cam plus to get AI person detection, but it doesn’t seem to be respecting the zone I set. I only have the bottom row of squares selected for the zone, but it’s still detecting events for people walking on the sidewalk which is pretty much halfway up the picture.

Am I doing something wrong or is this a known issue?


Wow. That sounds like a pretty clear issue that should be easily reproducible. I might have to test it out on mine.

Can you write out or post a screenshot of your sensitivity settings?
Will you submit a log for this too? (this is not the same as doing a support ticket and there won’t be a direct response from Wyze for a log, but it will help the devs figure out why this is happening).

I want to try testing this out when I have a free moment.

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I just confirmed your issue by doing the following:

I submitted a log to a dev I know along with a picture of my detection zone and person detection video event that should not have happened. Will you also please submit a log and post the log number here? (note a log is not the same as opening a support ticket, there will not be a direct response to the log, but it can help the devs figure out what is going on).


Thanks for taking a look and confirming what I’m seeing! It happened again this morning so I sent a log.

The log number is 1019267.

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Thanks, I don’t speak for Wyze so I can’t say exactly what will be done or give any ETA’s. I can only tell you that I have passed on what you found and my confirmation along with our logs.

You are also always able to contact support to start a support ticket at any time if you feel you want to get some kind of communication from Wyze directly about the issue and get it on the support team’s radar as well.

Just letting you know that your feedback, or rather, OUR feedback has been passed on.

Exact same problem here.
I’ve done this same kind of test, blocking out everything except the bottom row, even everything but a single square, and it still gets triggered by anything in it’s full field of view. I can reproduce this problem every time. I think there are a few threads in here about the VDBPro ignoring the detection zone.