Wyze Cam V3 fails to identify subjects

Wyze Cam version 4.36.10 fails to identify or notify captured subjects more than half of the time. I really need to know when there is a person at my front door when they are at my front door, not hours later when I’m reviewing captured events. This is something that has been occurring now for several weeks. I’ve not had this problem in the previous two years of use for this camera. Any suggestions of what the problem could be would be greatly appreciated.

Are you running v3 beta firmware

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Yes, I have updated to that version, but only after reporting my problem.

For each v3 cam running, go into the cam’s Event Recording, Smart Detections and Device Notifications settings. These settings have changed and are more refined. You should also revisit your Detection Zone settings (if you are using zones) as the detection logic has also changed.


Do we have to train the Ai detection individually or is it globally trained from aggregated feedback in the Event Viewer? Also what are the distance parameters for Ai detection? It’s identifying vehicles as people. People don’t usually pass by a house at 15mph. I am on the most current beta firmware.

Training the AI applies to everyone. It’s one global AI.

It may not be tagging the vehicle, the car could just initiate the motion event and then it’s tagging some other object that’s not moving but looks like a person. Do you have a video of the event you could share?

I have all Ai detection disabled except for person. I have also limited the detection area. and changed the sensitivity. Though I’ve also realized a flag detection (ignore) option would also be useful as most people have a flag of some sort out front of their house which waves in a predictable pattern.

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I had to take my flag down until I can figure out where to put it so my doorbell isn’t giving me notifications ever few seconds. I did change my zone so the Tree doesn’t set it off but the flag takes up to much space and we have a lot of wind storms