Wyze Doorbell Pro Firmware Beta Test 2/1/2022

version: 1.0.60

  • Ringing the doorbell is no longer included in motion detection cooldown

  • The default motion detection sensitivity for newly paired doorbells is now set to medium

  • Fixed a bug that caused some Events to fail uploading

  • Fixed a bug that kept the doorbell constantly active


Doorbell updated without issue. I was not able to update from the firmware page and had to go directly to the device.

I will keep my eye on the points of update.

Thank you


Same here. I had the update available notification when I went to look at the doorbell (which is super annoying, btw. It should be a small unobtrusive button up next to the settings button), hit cancel on the update, went to the firmware update page but it showed everything up to date. I went back to the doorbell cam and it prompted me for the update again.

Updated: No Issue.

Request #1 - Doorbell is unable to run ANY Rule using “Person Detection” as the trigger. e.g. turn on Porch Light (Wyze Color). It does however, run rules using “Motion Detection” as the trigger. The

Clarification Question: Is “Friendly Face Detection” part of the Cam Plus Pro ‘license’? The Basic Wyze Doorbell (non-Pro) was detecting Friendly Faces before I replaced it with the Pro.

Overall: The Doorbell works awesome as a smart doorbell. All the detection is working (minus Faces) just fine. I love the view of the camera. Sound/Video are great… including 2-way conversation. I agree with others that the Firmware Update needs to be fixed so it’s in the main list. Keep working on it Wyze folks… it’s good… it just needs polishing.


How do I get on the beta list for firmware? I would love to test new FW for the video doorbell pro

nevermind… i think I found it

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Welcome to the community @rkeuler14

You first need to join the beta program. Go here to do that: Become a Beta Tester – Wyze Looks like you are an Apple user, so you will need to install Test Flight and then the Beta Apps will be available through there. After you join the Beta you will need to start the App, go to Account, Scroll to the bottom and tap on Beta Program. From there, click on Edit (Top Right) and check the devices you wish to test the Beta releases for. then click save.

Once you complete these steps, you can tap on Firmware Update in the Account Tab or go to the device you wish to test the Beta FW for and hen go to settings, Device Info and tap on the FW to check to see if there is an update.

Normally the update message will appear when you start the device or when you go into Firmware Update.

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Thanks @spamoni4. I was going to go to the review that I left on the doorbell pro but the review section is gone?? I had some comments in there that I think would be very beneficial

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