What happened to the Doorbell Pro? Discontinued?

Must be about a month or so ago I tried buying a Doorbell Pro but it showed as being out of stock. I entered my email to be notified when it was back in stock but haven’t heard anything. Now I don’t even see it listed in the store any more.

Does it still exist? Did they discontinue it or temporarily shelve it because of problems?

Still on the site

Just out of stock

First opportunity was pre-order. You maybe able to find them at THD.

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Please read everyone’s reviews before your purchase the Doorbell Pro. That’s all I’m going to say

To add, Along with the features and functions of the camera/chime. I highly recommend potential buyers do their due diligence researching a product to know what they are purchasing. :slight_smile:


Thanks. It looks like this product does have a lot of reported issues (more than the already relatively high number of issues with other Wyze products) so hopefully once it’s back in stock it will be available on Amazon so I can return it if it doesn’t work out for me.

I personally have had no issues with the Video Doorbell Pro. My use case is somewhat different as I wanted to add a doorbell to my backdoor where I had no existing doorbell. Very low traffic and I already have Wyze Cams monitoring my backyard.

I do not use the doorbell to monitor all activities, as I wanted it to be a doorbell that would notify me when pressed, show the person ringing the bell, I could talk to them if need be, and announce to my Echo Show Devices if the doorbell was pressed. Thus far it has done exactly that. And because I am not monitoring all events, the battery drain has been minimal in the month I have had it deployed.

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I also use Amazon to buy Wyze…When things hit the fan Amazon takes it back without being on the phone forever.

I’ll just leave this here: