Doorbell to be in stock soon?

Hey guys! I am a big fan of Wyze products and don’t own any other home monitoring brand. I am wanting the Wyze Video Doorbell for my home for my roommates and I to use.

Other smart doorbells seem to have cool features but I keep coming back to Wyze because of the price and convenience of compatability with my other devices (Cam Pan, Echo Show, Echo Dot, Wyze Band).

Will these be in stock soon? I have notifications on for updates, and am wondering if there’s a release in sight. Especially interested if there are going to be updates.

I’m wondering the same thing. I just looked again today and saw that the price has gone up from $29.99 to $44.99. Will there be a discount for Camplus subscribers? I’ve pre-ordered the home monitoring and want the doorbell to go with that.

For everyone that is waiting for the doorbell go to Home Depot they have them in stock for 49.99

I have gone to Home Depot recently to look, and they are out of stock on all Wyze cameras too lol. I’ve even searched for used ones that people may be selling on ebay. I’m eager! It seems Wyze keeps underestimating how much of their inventory will sell out within a certain time, since like half their stuff is out of stock. Doesn’t look good for them as a competitor of brands like Ring and Nest…

I looked on Home Depot website and all stores in my area all have stocks in. Florida at least. Look on there website and call around

Hi! Where in FL. I am searching the website and cannot find this item at all.

This was on the website but they took it down so my take on it is Home Depot has them but planning a spring deal with Wyze because it comes with 1 year cam plus

I have a friend that works for Home Depot and said they can’t put it out yet.

Thanks! My parents live in Venice. Hoping they can snag me one!

If you can’t get one, try a V3 in an interior window looking out. I have one in an interior window, and I can say the color night vision and the protection of being indoors is superior. The catch is it must be in a dark room. An option, tho!

I got one a couple of days ago from my local Home Depot. I tried to order it online for pick up in store, but even though the website said they had 11 in stock, the shopping cart said that they didn’t have the quantity I wanted available. I only wanted one and couldn’t figure out why it said that, so I called them and spoke with one of the sales reps in the electrical department. When I explained the situation to him he checked and said that the doorbells are new items but they did have an item number in the system and that he would have to find where they were on the upper shelf. When I got there they still didn’t have any on the shelf, but the sales rep I had spoke with on the phone got me one down and I was able to check out at the self check with no issues at all.

I know, pretty amazing that they raised the price, just after finally releasing it, yet not getting all the shipments out, and conveniently it is out of stock again.Not sure why they’re doing that specially with some of their competitors coming down on price, hence the new Ring doorbell and with better reviews, and the ability to get the stock out to their customers at a time we manner after purchasing it and keeping it in stock. I think part of the reason why Wyze started out as a valuable company is because their deal was to keep their prices down, be able to have cameras in a system read didn’t have to have a membership, and yet now they are going back on all those promises, doesn’t seem like it’s very good for their customers.

I went to my local Home Depot I got my family them and these come with 1 year cam plus

Which location?

Holiday Florida

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They also have the Wyze V3 in stock

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