Wyze Video Doorbell Pro - For everything out there! 10/19/21

Ding dong! Who’s there? A video doorbell with an ultra-wide field of view, a wire-free installation option, two-way talk, and up to 6 months of battery life. Plus, a chime is included. No hidden fees. No subscription required. That’s who.

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A doorbell for my patio door!


Glad this can be battery powered! Will be great for my gate.


@WyzeGwendolyn it doesn’t look like there is an SD card option… please tell me there is???


I’m sorry, @steve4335. This product does not have local storage.



Almost a usable product… after the original doorbell, the debacle that is the outdoor cam (why in the heck is there a base station that needs an ethernet port, and why does nothing else connect to it?), the rug pull that is door sensors v2, un-customizable/ barely functional thermostat, and the mini vac (honestly so weak after a couple days of testing it has been back in its box, I would give it away but can’t in good conspicuous since it is unusable) - it seems as though wyze has given up on its base customers, I have been buying and recommending wyze since 2018, as well as active in the forums…unfortunately it seems time to find a new eco system, very disappointing.

@WyzeGwendolyn I would remove the line “no hidden fees” from your description, with the apparently deliberate removable of local storage (SD card) this comment is a bait and switch - it will not function as expected without the subscription - which I’m afraid will become mandatory for all wyze products soon.


We would be very sad to see you go, @steve4335. Sorry to hear that our recent products haven’t been fitting your needs. :frowning_face:


Looks like a hit @WyzeTeam

Great job :+1: Great price point.

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Not “fitting my needs” is a misstatement, selling a vacuum that doesn’t pick things up or switching from local storage to needing a subscription, is not just missing one customers needs. Its a change of paradigm for a company, or the reveal of the bait and switch… having built yourselves up as a company that cares about what it’s customers want and supporting things like local storage (which is not a desired feature, its a core function of a product line and the main reason many are customers).


I will make sure that your feedback is shared with the company. Although I would be interested in checking to see if you have a defective vacuum or if it needs to be cleaned out more frequently than initially expected to maintain its suction power.


It had problems immediately, before being cleaned out was an option, and can’t pick up enough to empty anything out, the attachments need to be held in place or they just fall apart, battery life is enough to clean for 10 minutes. I’ll send it back for testing if provided shipping, I’m not investing anymore money into this, I dont’t want to hijack this thread so I will DM you.

I thought shipping was suppose to be included in wyze pricing from now on? It’s showing $10 shipping on top of the $65.


Thank you for trying, I am aware of the free cloud storage option - however it is very short clips (12sec) that show you the start of something, but in my experience, aren’t long enough to show the end. There is also a big community of wyze users that have been in the forums for a while that value local storage and don’t want their information and private network accessible to the cloud. Who knows when, or if (i wouldn’t hold my breath), that they may make RTSP available for this.


Yes, 5GHz support… Ordered immediately for that alone… 2.4GHz is almost useless with so much interference my others cameras routinely loose connection and I have to use local SD card to view the footage, since local storage > remote storage Everytime.

Wait! what? no SD card… the SD card in Wyze is why I got rid of my Ring pro. May have to cancel this order. :frowning:

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It can be hardwired… So will this one use a homes existing wired chime? The product page and faq do not address this.

It’s a shame there’s still no sd card support or support for existing chimes - especially on a hard wired option.


It does not use the existing chime, it comes with a chime to use

Wha?? No local storage?? I’m glad I saw this as I was going to pre-order but no local storage is a deal breaker for me!! I guess I’m going with the Eufy option…

update - I’ll probably wait until it’s widely available sometime next year to get this doorbell. I really like the wider fov and the passive infrared and the price point is lesser than the alternative video doorbell I’m thinking of getting, even factoring in cam-plus.


Bummer. That’s a non starter for me.