Wyze New video v2 doorbell vs Wyze doorbell pro

Does anyone have first hand knowledge of;

Wyze New video v2 doorbell released 10\24\23 vs Wyze doorbell pro

I currently have the Wyze doorbell pro and am wondering if New video v2 doorbell would be an upgrade for me. I like that it has onboard storage and 2K resolution, but wondering about other peoples comments on this. What would be the downside of switching to v2 from Doorbell pro, if any

Here’s what I told someone else:


Thank you very much for your excellent comparison of the models. I bought my Wyze doorbell Pro before the V2 came out or I may have gone that way. Your comparison makes me wonder if I should spend a little extra money and upgrade to the V2.
If I go to the V2, will I be able to use the chime that came with the doorbell pro rather than tapping into the house chime which is currently disabled?

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No. That doorbell pro chime is more of a range extender and is what the doorbell pro connects to the internet work, as opposed to the V1 doorbell that uses the chime it comes with as an accessory to the camera. Neither of those chimes will work with the V2 doorbell pro though.

I actually have all three doorbells, but i prefer the V1 doorbell due to the small form factor, the white color blends in with my door trim, and the vertical aspect ratio so that i can see below the camera better. I love the SD card addition to the V2, but doesn’t put it ahead of the V1. I have a second camera that watches the porch so that i do have some continuous recording in the area.


I had issues with my Doorbell V1… the microphone was always clicking. It worked fine otherwise.

But otherwise, I think @carverofchoice pretty much summed up the comparison pretty well.

The mechanical chime issue on the V2 will confuse some people (you have to have the right transformer for the doorbell to push enough power to make your in-house doorbell ring, all mainstream doorbells require this) but other than that, I think the V2 edges out the Pro due to continuous recording. But that’s my preference. If you wanted a “put anywhere” Doorbell… than the Pro doorbell definitely wins. Good battery life on it too.

And you really can’t beat the price…

@tlhutch4 - Not that you brought this up but, the Ring Video Doorbell Pro 2 is $250… the wedge kit (Wyze provides one free) is $20… and you still have to get a subscription to Ring Protect to fully utilize the doorbell (which everyone complains about with Wyze).

And as far as I can tell with most reviews. Ring doesn’t really “win the day” with their features. It’s almost toe-to-toe. But, if your doorbell costs $250 vs. a $50 doorbell, shouldn’t that MUCH more expensive doorbell do magical things, instead of just some extra gimmicky things? 500% increase in-price, think about that one.

It better come with a butler to answer the door when it rings!

Bottomline… the Pro or the V2 is a winner. You can’t go wrong with either. Just compare the features and see which ones matters most to you.


All responders,
Thanks for all you’re valuable input on my original post. For now I am going to stay with the Doorbell Pro. However, I may get the V2 just to compare myself…Thanks again

Good idea… they’re inexpensive enough to be able to compare for yourself and your needs. That’s what I did for my front gate, along with adding an extra camera to record what the v1 doesn’t record (length of time and number of days).

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Yeah, the nice thing about Wyze video doorbells is they still work as normal cameras. You can even plug them in with a USB cord (note that this voids the warrant). I actually take one of mine traveling with me sometimes. I will connect it up to my Laptop hotspot which is running a VPN and connected to the hotel or AirBNB WiFi or whatever and have it watch my room or possessions while I’m away to let me know if anyone enters. You can also wire one up anywhere like your backyard or next to your garage using a plugin Transformer like this:

I have a bunch of doorbells because they double as a security camera along with having the ability for someone to “call me” if needed. That makes them really great devices.


Thanks for your response. I’ve gotten excellent feedback on this forum as always…tlhutch4

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