Which doorbell to get?

I would like to get either the Doorbell or the Doorbell Pro. I don’t really care about the cost difference but I see a lot of negative reviews of the newer Doorbell Pro so I am wondering if I should get the older Wyze Doorbell. What are the major deciding factors? I would like it to record video with motion detection but I want to avoid a ton of false positives from cars driving by, etc.

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I have a VDB v1, not facing the road, and I still get false positives after dialing in my settings. There are issues with both and both require a subscription to get Smart AI detection.

VDB v1 is wire powered, no chime required but available. Pro is wire powered or battery powered, chime required as bridge.

I would HIGHLY suggest doing a forum search for Video Doorbell and spending time reading posts. You will be enlightened by what you find.

Good Luck

Hey there,

I have the DoorBell Pro model and I absolutely love it. I have not had one problem with it since I got it from the pre-order. Resolution is fantastic, records what I need it to and whatever else you expect from a doorbell. A lot of the detection will be the AI detecting things and sensitivities can be adjusted, my doorbell faces the road and it has never picked up a false positive.