Video Doorbell or Video Doorbell Pro

I have an older home with existing 8V transformer. I could upgrade the transformer to 16V (~$20) and put in the Video Doorbell ($50 w/ chime from Microcenter) for $70ish.


Omit the transformer and go with the Video Doorbell Pro (wireless) for $100.


If an Option for you there is a 3rd: Update the transformer and go with the Wyze Video Doorbell Pro wired. Saving you from having to pull the Doorbell every couple of months, depending on how you configure the device to work, to charge.

I personally like the Pro over the Non-Pro version mostly for FOV.


True, that is a third option.

I guess, also, it looks like neither can be mechanically fastened to the wall. Which I thought was something you could do with the base model.

Mechanically Fastened?

They both clip on to the mounting bracket. There is no means to screw the units directly to a wall for security.

Ahhh. Got it. Thank You.

The VDB Pro does have a torx screw on the bottom that locks the device into the bracket and makes it harder to just pull off the bracket.

The VDB does not but, it does lock in pretty tight, to where unless a person is being completely malicious it takes some decent pressure to snap free from the clip

(pay little mind to the micro USB, I was doing some testing using a solar powered battery and the micro usb port on the VDB for a fence install test :wink: )


Good to know. You’re almost talking me into the Pro…I really just wish these things would chime from the Sense Hub…

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It is a very nice device. Both do well, but having owned both and in multiples I prefer the Pro.

I do as well. There are some alternatives. You can also setup Alexa Devices if you have them to announce the doorbell or person detection with CPL or CPP.

I suppose one Pro area to the VDB is no chime is really needed and you can be alerted just on your phone or through Alexa.

With the VDP screwed into a wall and screwed in securely with the torx screw , have you attempted to try and rip off the device to see if it comes off easily ??

I ask just to see how much force it would take to rip the bad boy off

I ended up ordering a VDP from There was a $30 credit deal if you spent $100, so VDP + Treat = $101 - $30 (chewy credit) - 30% reward credit ($30 on CapOne Shopping app) - $15 AMEX credit for $45 puchase at Chewy = $25 VDP + $1 treat for Doggo …


Lol, no @Rulwiz, I have never tried to rip it off :joy: but I have accidentally tried to remove it with the torx tightened by the normal removal process which does require some force and it does not come off.

Removal process for VDBP


I would try another brand, the doorbell is something a bit sketchy. Mine will not work unless it is in black and white mode…

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Interesting that the back of the Doorbell Pro indicates 10-24VAC, not 16-24VAC.

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Trying to remove/move our video doorbell pro and wondering and can’t figure out how to unlock the lock screw underneath? Does it require a special tool that is probably boxed away somewhere? Or is that a philip’s? I’m blind and can’t see!!

It uses a Torx T8 - It was provided with the Doorbell install kit and has an orange handle.

If you don’t have it you can find one at local hardware store. Or in an inexpensive precision screwdriver toolkit. Might even be able to get a very small flat head in there to loosen, but I would try that with caution so as to not strip the lock screw.

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Thank you, you just saved my marriage! :laughing: