Moved to a unit without a doorbell circuit

I have a Wyze Doorbell that we used at our previous place but the apartment that we just moved in to doesn’t have a doorbell at all despite having a private entrance.

Would I have to get my landlord to install a doorbell and then replace it with mine or is there something simpler that I can do without bothering my landlord with such a request?

The Video Doorbell Pro is battery as well and wired. So you could attach it to your door via the sticker (No holes needed) and then plug the Chime in your outlet and let it connect. Thereby saving on the need to drill holes or even run wires.


The VDBv1 (original wired only) can be wired to an appropriate power supply wall wart and plugged into a 110v outlet. It requires between 16v and 24v AC power supplying ≥10VA (have to do the calculation depending on the voltage and mA you buy)

This is the 24V x 500mA = 12VA one I purchased (with extra long wire):

Doorbell Transformer, AC 24V 500mA Power Supply