Video Doorbell Transformer

I see that the video doorbell requires external power with these specs:

Hardwire required: 16V-24V AC, ≥10VA
Power with existing doorbell-chime circuit,
or use a standalone transformer and wires.

I’ve searched for relevant posts about this installation and it looks like they all mention hooking up a transformer to existing doorbell wiring. I don’t have an existing doorbell but I do have 110V receptacle right close by.

What kind of transformer would I need, and what would the wiring look like? Or should I just skip this and find a different solution? I have little electrical knowledge and this might be too DIY for me.

The appeal of WYZE seemed like plug and pay simplicity but this seems to be an exception. I would like to avoid volt meters if at all possible.

Thanks in advance

If I wanted a video doorbell and didn’t have existing wiring I would go buy a battery powered wireless one with receiver. There are many to choose from at Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon made by Honeywell, GE and many others, the one at Wyze is not in stock. I guess you could purchase a plug in doorbell transformer available at the same stores but you still need to get the wires run to the outside of the house.