Wyze Doorbell Power Question

Im looking into getting the Wyze Doorbell to replace the Ring Doorbell. I watched the installation instructional video and noticed that there was no alternative way of powering the doorbells. When we had our house renovated the contractor neglected to provide a means of hardwiring out Ring Doorbells to the house.

I was wondering if the Wyze Doorbells absolutely have to be hard wired, or is there a way to have it plugged into a wall outlet? Additionally, as this wasn’t clear in the item description, the Chime Box is not necessary as when the doorbell is rung, my phone would just go off letting me know someone is at my door, correct?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @vmpas and welcome to the community

The doorbell must be powered off a standard doorbell transformer, They do however sell transformers you can plug into an outlet and then run wires from that to the doorbell.

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Thank you! Would you happen to know what they are called? Been Googling but I don’t think I am getting the search terminology correct.

Here’s one on Amazon. There are several.


As @angus.black says there are several and he linked to one that would work. Thanks Angus


Wyze finally got FCC approval for V3. Shipment must be enroute to US.
Shipment in December