Can anyone suggest a good, safe plug in transformer for Wyze video doorbell?

I’ve only found two suggestions so far on these forums and I’m expecting my Wyze video doorbell in a few days. I was hoping that someone out there is successfully using their new doorbell with a plug in transformer instead of hardwired and I need some solid suggestions on a plug in transformer that is working for them. I live in an apartment and don’t have a hardwired transformer/chime but plenty of access to mounting the doorbell outside my door and running the power cable to a receptacle inside. I kind of think Wyze missed an opportunity in offering a plug in transformer. Thank you so much in advance.

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I have a Ring doorbell and use an Elk TRG2440 from Amazon. About $15.00 USD
My old doorbell was the typical momentary contact button with a wall mounted chime and the generic transformer in the basement. A few months after installing the Ring, I noticed a pungent electrical odor coming from the basement. The generic transformer was too hot to touch. My reasoning is the generic transformer was designed to be loaded momentarily when the doorbell button was pushed, but couldn’t handle the constant load from the Ring doorbell.

A neighbor purchased a Ring on my recommendation. She said she disconnects the transformer at night because it hums. Again, a potential fire was averted.

(This was all before the Wyze doorbell was announced, so no picking on me. And I do have a Wyze doorbell and plan to install it when the weather permits) :grinning:

There are a dozen on Amazon. All have different names but are the same. Nothing wrong with them. They’re a pretty simple device.

Thanks Angus, but as TomG pointed out getting the wrong plug in transformer can be risky. Please understand I’ve been looking at everything Amazon has to offer and placing the items in my list. It’s just that I’m not comfortable or knowledgeable enough to know which one meets the requirements of the Wyze Video Doorbell safely. Is it 16-24 volt or higher? I really like Wyze products and have bought and recommended their cameras to at least a dozen coworkers but I think I may have jumped too soon on this doorbell. At least until someone can recommend a plug in transformer after having used it for a while I probably won’t install it and may look for a battery operated version from another brand and pay more for it. I just need to feel comfortable that my plug in transformer won’t burn down my apartment, Thank you guys for your responses.

I’s 16-24V.

Thanks for the info, I’ve ordered a Eufy 2k battery operated doorbell after doing some research. While I appreciate your quick response and suggestion I think I’ll wait it out a bit before I decide to hook up the Wyze. I have a Wyze cam over my apartment door which serves a great purpose against package theft and I was hoping to stick with Wyze for the doorbell but I’m going to wait for some solid trial and error experiences from Wyze users and learn from their mistakes and/or victories. I added your suggestion to my Amazon list. Thanks again.

Very interesting video to watch on the “hidden” micro USB port on the back of the Wyze doorbell. Wyze Video Doorbell has a Secret MicroUSB Port - The discovery and alternative new potential uses - YouTube


That’s a good video. I wonder if it’s deemed safe to operate the camera through that hidden port, and why Wyze hid it. I also want to know what that round small port to the left of it is - reset button? His ideas (call for service button, elder care) are good and apparently in a previous video he identified my pet peeve about the main press button being hard to identify.

I’ve been using the micro usb port to run my Wyze doorbell since I last posted and so far so good. All the functions work. I haven’t tried it using cellular yet but I doubt I’d see any issues. I removed the peephole on my door and ran the usb cable through, mounted the plate to the door and then the doorbell to the plate. Only issue I had was with the large head on the usb cable made it tricky to be able to bring down the doorbell on to the plate but I got it to work. If this ends up failing then I always have my eufy 2k battery operated security doorbell to fall back on. I want to keep everything Wyze if I can.

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I tested the video doorbell over a wide range of voltages, up to 24V. I found that it operates fine down to 7V. It used ~100 mA just streaming video, went up to about 150 mA when activated.

This was using a DC power supply, not the AC specified. Apparently it will work with both AC and DC. Maybe that’s what the micro USB connector is for. I’ll check that out.

I used a plug-in power adapter @ 12VDC with 1500 mA (1,5 A) and it works fine. Way more mA capacity than needed.

I’d say the reason that the doorbell says : 16 - 24 VAC + 10 VA is because that is the spec of a typical doorbell transformer, which Wyze seems to assume you have. The 10VA seems to way more than needed.

I just checked it out. You can use the hidden micro USB port to power the doorbell.

The hidden port is on the back under a grey seal just above the power connection screws.

Yep, I’ve been using the micro usb port since watching a YouTube video on it when my door bell arrived on 2/28. Everything works great. All the features are there. When you think about it the doorbell seems to be nothing more than another Wyze cam but with a motion sensor light and a two way talk button. Why wouldn’t it only require the same power specs as their V2/V3 cameras? I’m happy with the doorbell but confused as to why Wyze didn’t mention this feature. Maybe it was a beta program that was to be revealed in the future? I don’t know. Since I’ve hooked it up through the peephole in my front door it’s been working fine. I really like the motion sensor light when someone approaches my door. If, for some reason this method of powering up the doorbell fails then I’ve learned my lesson and will set up my back up battery powered eufy 2k. All my cameras are Wyze so this new addition fits nicely.

Just received an email from Ryan with Wyze. He wrote, “The USB port on the back of the camera is actually for manufacturing and internal testing. We do not recommend powering the Doorbell by USB port as peeling off the seal that covers it voids the Warranty as well as compromises the weatherproofing of the camera” So, I guess I’ll reinstall my eufy 2k battery operated doorbell since I’m not going to power the Wyze doorbell with a plug in transformer. I’m not convinced the Wyze doorbell would have any issues running on 5 volts with a Wyze cable and plug however I don’t want to risk it either. So there you have it straight from Wyze.

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That’s a very helpful post, thank you. I was afraid there was a safety or reliability reason they covered it, but it was only for weather resistance.

my follow up question is regarding whether to use my existing doorbell transformer or buy an external 24v one from amazon. tomg’s post about his original transformer becoming overheated makes one cautious about burning their house down. one would have thought that if wyze thought that this overheating effected some good sized percent of existing doorbell transformers after attaching their doorbell, wyze’s legal dept would have had them put all kinds of warnings and disclaimers with the doorbell. my transformer did not become hot to the touch, but what made me concerned was that the solenoids of my two original doorbell chime seemed to be slightly vibrating with a very low buzz. right now, i have disconnected one of the transformer wires until i research this situation some more, including calling tech support. what are the thoughts from the community?

I think you were supposed to bypass those chimes entirely? Nothing else is supposed to be on the doorbell’s circuit from what I have heard.

The hot transformer issue happened way before the Wyze doorbell was released. I had a Ring Doorbell Pro at the time. Looking at the Wyze doorbell, I would assume its power demands are less than the Ring.

Note: According to Wyze, this will void your warranty(including replacements).

I’m okay with voiding the warranty as I no longer use the Wyze doorbell and went with another battery operated brand that has superior video and audio quality over the Wyze doorbell. It was also three times as much but I have no regrets. I’m fairly confident that my Wyze doorbell would have continued to function just fine plugged into the cable and plug I received with one of my many V2 cameras I have purchased but I also feel deceived by Wyze concerning this rear USB port. I may be wrong in feeling this way but alas I still do. I was so excited to hear Wyze was coming out with a new doorbell. I even contributed to their poll asking what I’d like to see incorporated into this new doorbell. I then hear it’ll be a wired version…and then there’s the possibility of connecting a plug-in transformer. Well, I never really got the answer I was looking for on this topic (Thank you to all that answered my post) so I decided to take down the Wyze doorbell and store it with the Outdoor Cam that I have yet to find a use for. Would it have been so difficult for Wyze just to make it available to power the doorbell via the USB port as an option? I can’t see how it would have been given the low voltage requirements. Having said this I feel somehow discouraged to buy from Wyze again. Don’t get me wrong, I have eight Wyze cameras either monitoring each room and out each window in my apartment and several sensors but this last experience with the doorbell left a bad taste in my mouth. I’m anxiously awaiting the Wyze watch I pre-ordered. I hope it’s not a let down like the Wyze band which is sitting in my sock drawer.I don’t mind spending money on Wyze products. I’ve aways wanted to support Wyze in their growth. I’ve never seen a company that reaches out to customers the way they do. It’s refreshing. Again, I was hoping for a better experience with the doorbell. This is all I’m saying.

You should have told us what answer you were looking for. :slightly_smiling_face: