Hooking Wyze Video Doorbell without Chime

I have no chime for my original doorbell. It failed a while back and we took it out. I have 6 wires (three red and three white) coming out of the wall where it was. Two go to the back door, two to the transformer downstairs, and two to the front door where I am installing the Wyze video doorbell.
I have isolated the wire pairs for the transformer and the front door. I am not concerned about the back door. I just want to power the Wyze video doorbell at the front. should it not be as simple as hooking the red and white from the transformer to the red and white that go to the Wyze? I tried that and no yellow light on the Wyze indicating it’s being powered. I’ve tried other combinations with no luck either. We even replaced the Wyze doorbell in case it was defective…
The only thing I can think of now is that the transformer is defective.
I’m kind of at my wits end… Anyone have any thoughts?

Do you have a voltmeter to see if the transformer’s 16-24VAC is present at the doorbell, and if not, at the transformer? I don’t know that they fuse those connections, but I suppose there may also be an inline fuse at the transformer.

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Does the wires from the transformer go straight to the doorbell location or to the old chime location? It should be as simple as wires from transformer to the doorbell, but make sure they are spliced at the old chime spot to create the circuit. That could be a place where you wire in the fuse that was included with the doorbell kit.
What is the transformer rated at for power? Have you tested the voltage at the doorbell location?

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Yeah, many times only 1 side of the transformer is going to the chime location, the other side will run to the doorbell(s), so when you press the button it completes the circuit between transformer and chime. Just depends on how yours was wired.