Video Doorbell Install Question on Existing Doorbell & Transformer

So I found my old doorbell and there are two sets of wires coming to where it was. I say where it was because the current one was a battery wireless. But the old door bell wires are there, two set of wires coming through the drywall. There is no power outlet here. So my question is would they have put the old doorbell transformer or power connection in the attic or run it some place else? The house was built in 1996.

Any suggestions?

Well, you can certainly start by taking a voltmeter to the wires and see if there’s any current…


My transformer was mounted in the basement, with the chime on the main floor. yours could be anywhere. With 2 sets of wires, do you have 2 doorbells? Maybe post a picture of the wiring.


So update… I found the transformer. It was in the Garage behind my freezer. I even got up in the attic trying to trace wires. It must not be working but will test it further today.

Question for you on hooking this up. For me the instructions for installing the jumper wire on the old doorbell was confusing since it shows only jumping one set of wires. Seems like that would do one of two things… short out the transformer or just connect the wires to the doorbell together. What am i missing with those instructions? Since Wyze has done such a great job of instructions I must have not understood it for sure.

I am assuming that what we want to do is send the 24v line to the video doorbell at the front door.

Can you post pictures of the different locations for a visual reference? Doorbell location, transformer contacts and chime?

It depends on your configuration. In a standard 1 doorbell setup, you normally see 2 wires at the chime which get disconnected from the chime and bridged together. This gives a direct connection from the transformer to the Wyze doorbell. See below for a basic diagram.

During installation, the app will ask how many wires you have at the chime, if you have more than 2 wires and more than 1 doorbell, you would have to indicate that in the app but since your chime was not wired, it could be challenging to bridge the correct wires.

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Ken, thanks… that helps and makes sense. I guess my setup is not the typical situation but I found no other instructions explaining. Appreciate your comment.

Fyi for those powering their doorbell with a NICOR Prime chime plus 2: Wyze doorbell is compatible with this chime.

Wyze instructions say to disconnect the two wires from the transformer and bridge them with the fuzed wire (when the chime output uses only 2 wires), but this is not correct. These two wires power the doorbell with this brand unit. The wires should be in slots 1 and 2 and connect with the doorbell using the provided wire extensions. It does not matter which side (left or right terminal) the connection is at on the back of the doorbell as long as both wires from the chime are also connected to the doorbell.

when i do that, it powers up my doorbell but the existing chime won’t stop ringing?

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Edit/Just re-read the post you are replying to, what type of existing doorbell and chime do you have?

I’d you have a normal existing doorbell setup, did you bypass the existing chime during install?

(Two wire setup pictured)

Agreed. Double check your chime model. NICOR has an older version doorbell that only puts out 12v which is not compatible with Wyze cam doorbell.

Edit: I had this problem and purchased the prime chime plus 2 model which worked (so far so good).

Hello Everyone, my wife purchased a Wyze doorbell/camera and I need some assistance on the electrical piece. Currently my existing doorbell is batter operated therefor there is no electrical in that location. I can get electrical there easily by tapping into a receptacle that is not far away. Can I use that electrical connection without damaging the doorbell/camera?

By removing the soft sticker on the back and revealing a USB mini port. Ensure you have the recommended voltage supply. Most phone chargers are acceptable. There are several videos on YouTube demonstrating this method.

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Thank you very much

This is mainly a FYI on what I ran across - My Home Depot Purchase did work but the chime would not connect. Called Wyze support and they sent me a whole new doorbell under warranty. This is where I figured out my problem. The replacement doorbell wouldn’t even boot up. It just kept cycling trying to power up. The new chime wouldn’t connect with my Home Depot doorbell either. I truly was thinking… I am SOL and doubt Wyze is going to send a second replacement.
It wasn’t till my neighbor came by and press the doorbell. I noticed my phone didn’t alert me and I am looking right at my neighbor. Come to fine out… while pressing the doorbell button it caused a reboot on the Home Depot doorbell. Keep in mind the the camera and motion detection always worked when accessing it. From all the posts in this support chat, I decided to buy a new transformer. Everything works now and even the replacement Wyze sent. Unfortunately, I can’t keep both doorbells but the transformer was the problem from the start. It was a lack of “stable” power.