WYZE Doorbell - Existing wiring but cant access Chime

Trying to install the WYZE doorbell. My house is older and has been remodeled. There is existing doorbell wiring at the front door, but the chime inside the house has been removed and that section of the wall has been closed off, so the wiring for the chime is no longer visible.

What’s the best way to go about the installation? I have access to low voltage wire at the front door, but no chime. Is there way to install the doorbell without a chime? Or do I need to somehow install a doorbell chime to finish the installation?

Does the wiring have a voltage on it? Have you tested it? Is the other end still have a transformer in it, or was that removed too? If it’s just the wiring that’s still in place, you could find the other end, place a power source in it and then the Wyze doorbell on the front connections, given the wire is still in good shape between the two spots and not cut anywhere.

The legacy chime just gets bypassed, you don’t need it for the Wyze doorbell.

I’ll check the wiring with a multimeter. If there is no voltage I’ll try to trace the wire to the source and connect it to a power source using a transformer.

I do have another question. The doorbell wire at the front door has 3 different wires. (Red, white, and black). Do I ignore the 3rd black wire?

I’d guess so, but hold that thought till you know what is on the other end of those wires. Look like you may have had a non traditional doorbell up there at one point. Nutone system maybe?