Wyze doorbell install

Hello everyone I just bought the wyze doorbell and am trying to install it in my brand new house. I need a transformer and need help from start to finish. I was wondering if anyone has done this before. How do I wire a transformer to my house? I have two sets of wires where my chime should be and also in my laundry room. What are my first steps. Thank you.

can u post pictures? Any wires where the doorbell should be? Installing a transformer may require a electrician as it’s wired similar to a outlet. You can also buy a plug in transformer.

I can only post one picture so I’ll show the laundry room. I have two wires coming out which have 4 colors each inside them. I’m an electrical apprentice so I’m comfortable wiring this up just don’t know how to. The same wires are going to where my chime should be and 1 wire outside where my doorbell should be

A plug in transformer would be the way I do it, I didn’t know they had that, thanks for the tip

yeah if you have an outlet near the wires in the laundry room, you can buy the plugin version and just connect it to the wires going to the Wyze doorbell. Since you’ve never had a working doorbell/chime, you can ignore any instructions the wyze app tells in regards to bypassing the chime. Basically you want a direct connection between the Wyze doorbell and the transformer.

What I was thinking about doing is buying a plug in transformer and connecting the black and red to it, then connecting the two blacks and reds where my chime box location is and finally connecting the black and red wires to my doorbell. I think that should work

The doorbell needs 16-24 VAC. All you need to do is hook a plug in transformer designed for doorbells to one end and the other to the doorbell.

Check the wattage of the doorbell and get an appropriately sized 16-24 VAC transformer.

Keep in mind that the chime is wireless and therefore you only need power to the doorbell “button” itself.

What does everyone think of this one?

Jameco Reliapro MGT2450P Wall Transformer, AC to AC Screw Terminal, 50W, 24V, 2.1A, 3.2" L x 2.2" W x 1.9" H Amazon.ca

I’ve seen other use these versions…

I’ll check if any of them are available on the Canadian Amazon

Two of those don’t seem to have the right amount of power? I found this thread and it seems like two of them are under powered?

Soooooo I bought this transformer and connected it directly to my doorbell and it worked. Once I connected all the wires where my chime should be and outside to my doorbell it didn’t work :(. Maybe the voltage is to low for that far of a run I’m not sure. I’m going to do some diagnostics tomorrow and see if I can figure anything out.

Per the description of the Wyzeyze doorbell,
the power specs are 16V-24V AC, ≥10VA.

Given that you are using a hardwired chime in addition, you need to take into account it’s power requirements as well.

The transformer in your picture is 10VA, which is insufficient for the doorbell and a mechanical chime in parallel

Is there a reason why you didn’t buy a 24V transformer instead?

I recommend retuning the transformer you purchase and buying a 16 or 24volt 30VA transformer instead.

Don’t buy a transformer designed for a thermostat as those will most certainly underpower the doorbell. You’re installing a doorbell so you need a doorbell transformer.

This transformer designed for a Ring video doorbell will probably work for your use case.

I’m not using a hardwired chime, you think I need more power?

I had a similar issue with my ring doorbell and a 10 VA transformer turned out to be insufficient.

It would reboot whenever someone rang the doorbell.

It does look like you need a stronger transformer if the doorbell is not getting enough power.

How long is the run?

To know for sure, and the best way to test is to put a multimeter on the wire ends and the doorbell location and test the output.

For a regular voltage test, yes. But he should also check for the current draw which would require testing the amperage with the multimeter inline with one of the wires or preferably, testing the voltage at the doorbell with everything wired up.

I’m going to do some testing today with a multimeter. I’m not sure what the run is I would have to guess maybe 35 feet. I know you get a voltage drop from longer runs that’s why I thought maybe my transformer isn’t strong enough. No reason why I didn’t buy a 24 volt just found this one with fast shipping and bought it. I willreturn it and buy a stronger one