Doorbell wiring question regarding transformer

Years ago I replaced my doorbell chime with a battery operated chime activated by pressing the button from the original wiring.
To install the battery operated chime, I removed the transformer from the circuit, and wired the button directly to the chime.
So my question is: To install the Wyze chime, can’t I just run the wires from the transformer right to the Wyze doorbell? The circuit would be transformer>Wyze fuse>Wyze doorbell>transformer.
Unless I’m missing something, that would seem to be OK. Am I right?

This should be fine. It’s what I plan on doing when my doorbell shows up.
I don’t actually have a wired doorbell, but I do have a bunch of low voltage transformers and the ability to run wire.

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Yes, I installed as I wrote: transformer>fuse>wire>Wyze doorbell>wire>transformer. Works fine.