2 Wyze doorbells with 1 3 wire transformer

I have 2 Wyze doorbells at my front and back doors. My old doorbell had 3 wires going to the chime. I’m trying to connect both doorbells using the same transformer. I need to know how to connect the 3 wires at the chime so both doorbells receive power.

Show a picture of the transformer.

Assuming it’s wired up like a normal doorbell- it’s hard to tell where the wire from the transformer connects to the other wires, and the chime terminals don’t appear to be labeled- the center white wire on the chime should be the common lead, so you would take it off the chime and connect both fuses to it with a wirenut, then connect the other end of one fuse to the green wire and the other one one to the red wire.

Thanks. I’ll try that in the morning.

Make sure you turn the power off first of course, otherwise if someone presses the old doorbell with it wired like this, it would pop the fuse.

That worked. I have 2 doorbells set up with 2 different chimes. Thank you.

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I have the same scenario (two doors, two buttons, would like to keep indoor mechanical chime working…if possible). But I can’t understand between pictures and the messages how you ended up getting this to work? :joy:

I was going to just start trying it a couple different ways but hate to blow the little fuses they sent and be waiting for replacements…

Any additional pics or wiring diagram would be much appreciated! I wish Wyze would provide this for us older homes on corner lots with two “front doors.” :grin:


Welcome to the forums! The Wyze doorbell does not use the legacy chime, it bypasses it to power the doorbells.

What does your chime box wiring look like? What choices in the add device part of the app did you make? What pictures don’t work? The app should walk you through it pretty easy.

I was able to replace both my front and back doorbells with the Wyze doorbells on a 16vac transformer. In addition to both chimes, separate tunes to distinguish front and back, I also activated Alexa doorbell announcements. Echo dots are placed strategically up and downstairs so I don’t miss either doorbell being rung, even though the chimes are loud enough to be heard anywhere in the house.

Excellent tutorial documents for installing 2 Wyze doorbells if you do a Google search. Pictures with step by step instructions. Wyze only gives 1 doorbell replacement instructions. Guess they only thought the front doorbell would be replaced with a video doorbell and not the back doorbell also.