Door Bell Cam 3 wires

Hi, I’m helping a neighbour setup 2 video doorbell cams on one doorbell chime. The transformer has 3 wires. 2 black and one white in the middle of the 2 black. Looks like the black wires are labelled front and back. Do I connect the 2 back wires together with one end of the supplies wire and the white by its sef on the other end? Here is a pic. Also I’m hoping the original transformer will be enough power.

Just stumbled across this post. The picture is not your transformer. It’s a picture of your door chime. Above the 3-wire are the plungers that strike the chime at the bottom (the long bar) The black wires are the “Hot” wires and the white are neutral/ground/return (what ever term you want to use). On the right is the relay from the front and rear door bell buttons. Can’t tell what’s on the left. … I would suspect that no wiring changes are needed. Just wire the Wyze door bell to the old existing Button wires. Transformer should be fine.

Ok. Thanks. Thought I might need to add the bypass wire. Will setup the front door bell cam and try it.