Trying to wire in Wyze Doorbell to Existing Chime

I’m trying to wire in a Wyze Video Doorbell Chime into an older doorbell chime. It has three pairs of wires coming into it and 4 terminals labels 0-1-2-3. The chime is a Friedland Stockport SK5 6bp. I’ve attached pictures of it below. I cannot figure out how to wire it to bypass the chime to the front door while still having power to the Wyze video doorbell and still allowing the rear door to use the chime. Any help is appreciated!

I would assume 1 cable goes to the transformer, 1 to front doorbell, 1 to rear doorbell. it’s hard to tell from the pic which cable is going to the transformer. each of the 3 have a common wire tied together, so to figure out which one goes to the front door, I would disconnect #1 & then press the front doorbell, if it doesn’t activate the chime, then you know that’s the correct wire to use. btw, have you verified the transformer outputs enough voltage?

I found a post with a similar situation…6 wire doorbell chime installation with Google Nest doorbell - Home Improvement Stack Exchange

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I didn’t remove the chime on mine. Works fine no problems.