Doorbell chime for two doors with only three wires?

Hi, I was hoping someone here could help me with my current situation. I’m trying to set up my doorbell cam and right away I ran into a problem that I can’t seem to google a solution for. When I went to the chime I had three wires due to the doorbell in the garage (rear). I know that normally when this occurs you just the the wires corresponding to the door that your setting up the cam, which in my case is the front door. The problem that I’m having is that on their diagram for when this happens they have one wire leading to the rear (blue), and one to the front (red), and the two to the trans (blue for rear and red for the front.) So I know in that situation I would use the red to the front and the red to the trans for my jumper and leave the blue alone. My problem is that on mine I have a red wire for the front, a red wire for the back, and a single green wire for the trans. If I use the red front wire and the green trans wire for my jumper, what do I do about my rear door. If I follow the green wire back from the chime it just disappears into a hole in the wall. I thought I might be able to just run a small wire off the green end of the Wyze jumper to the trans, but I didn’t know what that might do to the Wyze doorbell cam whenever the garage doorbell is used. Has anyone else ran into this problem, and if so what was your solution. Many thanks in advance for any help you can give with this. ~Rich~

The Wyze app setup will show you how to wire your doorbell strap by step. I did a test and selected the three wire setup, then I was shown a wiring diagram that would work for your setup.

You will need to connect the jumper to the front doorbell wire and the screw terminal for the trans wire. Make sure to identify your wires and turn off the power before working on this.

Sorry it’s been awhile, I was waiting for my new internet provider to come hook me up before installing the doorbell. Thanks for the diagram, that’s exactly what I was looking for. I didn’t to look at the app because I thought I wouldn’t use the app until after I had it installed. I went by the installation video on the Wyze site, and it didn’t say anything about a three wire chime. Anyway, I got it all hooked up now – thanks to everyone here – now I’m having the problem of it interfering with my garage door opener. I’m still tying to find a fix for that. I was hoping I could turn the doorbell on and off as needed for now, but there doesn’t seem to be that option in the app. It would be nice if they could maybe put that in the next update(??). Oh well, until then I’ll just keep trying other options.

Is it a Chamberlain model? You might want to look around this topic:

Yeah, it’s Craftsman. So basically the same thing, I’ve been following that thread and have so far tried the idea of extending the opener’s antenna (cheapest and easiest solution I saw.) It seemed to help a little, but it’s still very frustrating. We have to be in the driveway and hold the remote out the window for it to work. Wife is getting frustrated and I may have to remove the doorbell. Such a shame because I thought it was pretty cool. (Plus I hate to go through all that hassle again!)

Thanks again.