Wyze Video Doorbell interferes with Chamberlain garage door opener

After I installed video doorbell, my garage door opener RF signal is blocked. I depowered the wyze video doorbell and the Chamberlain garage door openers work perfectly.

What can I do, to not have the RF interference from the Wyze Video Doorbell?

Wow, this is crazy.

What model do you have? I assume you are talking about the main garage door opener itself, and not the MyQ Smart garage door opener made by Chamerlai that interfaces with basically any model garage door opener to make it a smart one, right?

What is the distance between your doorbell and the Chamberlain device, and what is the distance between your chime and the Chamberlain device?

It’s a Chamberlain Liftmaster 15 years old

20’ thru a wall from doorbell to Chamberlain

I don’t believe I can manually change the RF code on the Chamberlain.

I unpowered the chime and it did not effect the garage door opener.

It looks like it’s not an unheard of issue from others with VDB interference:

Searched: video doorbell interference with garage door opener


I didn’t read them all, but there might be something in the results giving good suggestions for how to help with this. I did read that some other people found the same problems you’re talking about (though with other brands).


Your chamberlain door operates on the same 900 mhz frequency as the wyze chime.

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Any thoughts on how I can get them to play well around each other?

You should be able to. It should either have dip switches or s button to change frequencies.
Do you know the model #?

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Chamberlain LiftMaster Formula I

41AB050-2 is actually the circuit board number.
The model is probably a 3280. Check behind the light at the other end.

The remote should be transmitting in the 315 Mhz range which is not the 900 Mhz range that the doorbell uses. Obviously something is wrong though.

You could try wiping out your existing codes and relearning them. Maybe while the doorbell is powered.

Liftmaster 3280 Manual

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That was a good thought to program new codes with doorbell powered BUT when it is powered it covers the signal so much, that the remote can’t learn the new code.

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I think I might be experiencing the same thing. Garage remote range was suddenly much worse. I thought it was really cold weather somehow, but I think the start coincided with installing my doorbell cam. Will look into garage opener model and frequency. It is a Chamberlain.

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I am expecting my video doorbell any day now…USPS delays notwithstanding (LOL). Anyway, I also have a 15+ year old Chamberlain Garage Door Opener (Model 2255 or 3265–not sure, as previous owner left both manuals). I believe that it is a non-rolling code unit and I also have added a MyQ interface for cell phone operating. One day last year the sensitivity of my car remote went so low it only would operate the garage door opener if I was 5’ or less from the garage door…HMMMM! Long story short, I had replaced the incandescent bulb in the garage door opener with an LED bulb–BAD IDEA!! A quick call to Chamberlain Tech Support confirmed that LED bulbs can jam the remote control system. With an incandescent bulb back in place, I have not had one problem (I can open the garage door from my car from 4-5 houses away as I am driving towards my home. Now will I, too, experience a problem with the Wyze video doorbell? I hope not, but if I do I surely will report it here as well as research the problem thoroughly. I have a great garage door tech locally who may be able to push me in the proper direction, as well, should I need to call upon him. Thanks for the one-up!!


One thing to double check- make sure you do not have LED bulbs in the garage door opener. Most LED bulbs produce interference that can dramatically reduce the effectiveness of an opener. Learned this the hard way a few months ago. My garage door wouldn’t close with the remote from more than about 20 feet away. Drove me nuts for a couple weeks until I found someone else talking about the interference the LED bulbs cause. Now switched the old CFLs back in and problems went away.

Obviously there is a link between the doorbell and the opener in this case but LED bulbs would only be adding to the interference and reducing effectiveness even further if you have them installed near your garage door opener.

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I uninstalled all light bulbs from and near the garage door, and attempted to operate the garage door remote with the doorbell powered. Remote wouldn’t work until I unpowered the video doorbell.

I really like the video doorbell, but not being able to use my garage door remote is not an option.

Wyze needs to fix this.

Me too! I thought the same thing about the cold and now realizing it’s the doorbell. Didn’t have the problem before wand could open the garage door from 100 ft, now I have to be right in front of the garage door. I have a Craftsman garage door opener (could be a rebranded Chamberlain). I have a MyQ which works fine - it’s just the remotes that don’t work at distance anymore.

I have had LED bulbs in my opener for years with no issues. All depends on the brands.

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Agreed. It depends upon the garage door opener as well as the LED bulb(s) being used in it. As I said, Chamberlain Tech Support nailed it as being the LED bulb in my case, but had I used an LED bulb designed for garage door openers perhaps I would not have experienced the interference. It’s a detective game at best!

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I have the exact same situation with the led bulbs and waiting for my video doorbell to be delivered. Please let me know if you get additional information.

Careful. CFL burned a component in my opener’s circuit board. When I checked the user manual, it in fact warns about use of CFLs. I think CFLs introduce too much inductance in the circuits.

I now use Philips LED bulbs.