Doorbell install with front & back bells

Doing pre-install looking.
My dual doorbell system (front & back) is different that what is shown on the Wyze website.
I have Front / Trans / Rear as expected, but I only have 3 wires, not 4.
That is, I have just 1 wire going to Trans.
Do I leave the Trans wire connected to the terminal and add one side of the fuse wire to this same connection?

If you use the app and add device, then doorbell, when you get to that section it’ll tell you what to do. When I inputed your information, I got the following when I chose to place the wyze doorbell on the front:


Gotcha, I like to pre-plan, so didn’t start the app process yet and didn’t see anything on the site, so thanks.
That’s what I expected the resulting look would be, but wasn’t sure.

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New doorbell in.
Thanks for pointing that out to me.
I guess I know you can look at the app, I just also expect the same info would be on the website.
Speaking of which, the video on the site shows the wire connections to the doorbell cam itself “pointing” down, where in reality in that position they don’t seem to fit onto the wall mount. The wires pointing up worked just fine.
Took under 30 mins, including the time I stood there and griped about whoever painted the wall last (not me) and painted over the chime grate, cause some cracked/peeling paint.

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