Doorbell install (2 bells) question

Here is my setup. I have always found Wyze to be very easy to setup. I am stumped here. Can it be done? I want both front and back bells to be Wyze. Possible?

Is this what I have to do? Will it work?

You have that, but your wires are reversed. Front is on the right and rear is on the left on your chime.
You should end up wire-nutting the middle (trans) wire to the 2 fuses, then wire-nutting the front wire to one fuse and the rear wire to the other fuse. You might need a more powerful transformer to run both doorbells at the same time though.


What size transformer?

I am not sure I follow your description. It doesn’t make sense to me. Does Wyze have a diagram?
EDITED: I think I follow now - the fuse is the white wire thing…

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The specifications for each wyze camera say 16-24V at at least 10VA, so you would want a 20VA transformer at a minimum. (double the current capacity, keep the voltage the same.)