Weird doorbell wiring situation

Anyone know how to wire a Wyze doorbell to this?

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Only if you have detailed pictures of the other end of that bundle. The two wires that you will need for the Wyze Doorbell will be the ones attached to the (+) and (-) on the transformer providing power to that bundle.


That is a mess. I had something like this on the other end where the chime used to be. What I did was I went and got some long wires. After turning off the breaker, I found the 2 wires I wanted to connect up, and attached a 9volt battery to the doorbell end, then used a voltage tester on the wires at my chime location to see which of those crazy amount of wires went to the doorbell. Then I knew which ones I should wire up to my new chime.

You could potentially do something similar in reverse.

I’m guessing someone did a DIY job on the doorbell and that some of those wires should’ve been going to the backdoor or garage door, but they just sent them ALL to the front door. Just need to figure out which wires they connected up to the chime and power. Be careful while trying to figure it out. Use a voltage tester and see which of those wires show as live, or if they all do.