Help with wire chime

Hello, I’m having trouble connecting the chime to my existing doorbell. In the picture is how everything is wired pre-wyze doorbell. I connected the new outside camera, and now the inside doorbell will not ring, it just rings on the camera box outside.

If I disconnect the wires and just put the Wyze controller on the chime box in the house it disconnects the doorbell. I cannot figure how to get the inside doorbell to ring while connecting the new Wyze controller box.


Please help with put what wire where. I’ve tried doing what the Wyze diagrams say with no help.

Any suggestions and help is appreciated!

Thank you

Hi @Jkghebdbbd,

I apologize for the issues. I can’t quite make out what the doorbell wires are labeled but usually the trans wire is in the middle. Assuming that to be correct you would remove the red wire from your chime and attach it to the black wire of the Wyze Chime Controller. You would then take the white wire from the Wyze Chime Controller and attach it to the terminal you removed the red wire from. Then take the red wire from the Wyze Chime Controller and attach it to the same terminal the blue wire is on, both will need to be connected to that terminal.

Again, that is all assuming that the center terminal is the trans terminal. If it still does not work your transformer may not have enough power to run it.