Door bell pro hard wiring

Question, Can I hardwire the door bell pro using the 2 wires on my standard door bell? If so can you tell me how too? Thank you, LJL

Yes. Installation, setup and much more can be found on the Wyze Support pages:


Hello, Thank you for the reply.
Below is a pic of the door bell chime box I have now. Top screw is for the front door. Middle screw is the transformer.Bottom screw is for the rear door. If I use the Wyze wire for direct hookup, should I connect it to the front door and the transformer screw? If I do that will I lose the chime for the rear door? Or will the chime work for the rear door bell button? This way I will have the Wyze chime for the front door and I will also have the chime for the rear door using the original door bell ringer. By doing this will I damage the Wyze video bell pro? Thank you, Lou

When you set it up, you will lose your front door chime. The instructions show you which wires to bypass with an included wire from wyze. Your doorbell pro includes a new chime you plug into an outlet.

I had to watch a couple of YouTube videos to figure it out, but it wasn’t particularly hard. Your back door chime should be unchanged, but you will lose your front chime, and rely on the wyze plugin door chime.

Hello , Thank you for the reply. So all I need to do is connect the wire which is included to the front door screw and the other end to the transformer screw. Right? When doing this should I disconnect the original wires on the bell chime that are connected to those screws? I looked on YouTube and all I found was hooking up with battery power. I did find one comment that direct hook up will let you to get a better video. Lou

My guess (not an expert) is you will need a separate doorbell for both your front and back doors, and that you need a 24 VAC power source for each. So go for the tap that gets you 24 VAC. You typically have to bypass the old chime, in all cases, tho.

Likely because the doorbell doesn’t have to ‘wake up’, as it does from battery mode.

Hello, Thank you for the reply. I need to find where my transformer is. The house is 35 years old and more then likely the transformer is only 10V. which would need to be changed. I think Wyze recommends 16 V transformer for direct hook up. Not sure though. Lou

Hello, Thank you. What volt transformer is required? I think my transformer is 10-12 volt. I wish Wyze would post a video on how to hard wire it.

16V-24V AC


Wish I knew what voltage is required. My house is only a couple years old, so I didnt have any issues. I know when I had a Ring doorbell, they had discussions about the voltage issues, and how it needed to be a newer transformer or it wouldnt work right… Likely the case with Wyze too. I watched a couple videos on youtube of user installs, and it was easy. Just ended up using their jumper to wire the middle wire to the front door wire. Dunno why I needed to use their jumper, because I could have just wired the 2 wires directly to eachother. But I used it because the video said to.

Interesting though that the original Wyze doorbell, used a fused jumper wire. And the new Pro version is not fused… Dunno why

Thank you,but I will be sending the doorbell back to Wyze due to lack of customer service,

Unfortunately, this is a user-to-user forum, and not a support site for Wyze, if this is the only place you have been, you can contact Wyze directly at the number below:

Customer Support

There are many ways to contact Wyze. Their phone number is (206) 339-9646, or you can chat with an agent or create a ticket on the support site.

They’re open for support between 4 am-8 pm PT Monday through Friday, and 8 am-4 pm PT Saturday.

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Thank you.