How to connect fuse wire to trans?

I know nothing about electrical wiring and I am terrified of wires.

I have 3 wires in my chime box. They’re labeled front, trans, rear. I’m installing on back door so I’m working on rear wire.

First, my wires to the front, trans, and rear screws are actually two wires going to each. Is that normal?
Second, the app instructions to Bypass Rear Wire say to remove insulation from fuse wire, unscrew rear wire and twist the fuse and rear wires together then install cap. Check.
It does not tell me how to connect the fuse to the trans wire. Do I remove remaining insulation from other end of fuse wire? Do I unscrew the trans screw to get the fuse wire

to connect to trans screw? I have no idea what to do.

Please help! Thanks in advance.

Does the image itself help? Is this the same page that shows in your app at this stage of install?

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How the 2 wires are connected in the pushbutton at the rear door is going tell a lot about what the function of the second wire is.

For the Wyze VDB, you are only going to need one of the wires and the fused link will go into the transformer leg.

That’s the same image I saw. It does not help show how to connect fuse wire to trans.

I unscrewed trans screw, cut off additional insulation from fuse wire so I cld wrap it around the trams screw, then tightened the screw.

It works so apparently I did it right.

These instructions assume too much. :sweat_smile: :grimacing:

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This image confused me. Looking at it again I’m assuming the left drawing is the chime box and the right is the doorbell button itself. But, they’re not marked as such so I don’t know.

I got the thing installed and working so I fortunately I must’ve done it right.

My question was very specific to connecting one end of the fuse wire to the trans screw. Instructions are very specific as to how to connect the fuse wire to the rear wire, but totally lacking re the other end of the fuse wire.

No. It is the before and after illustration of the Doorbell, the Chime, and the Transformer. Left side is the three before you wire, Right side is after.

It shows the removal of the Front bell wire from the Front lug (in your case, it will be the Rear lug), insertion of the fused link on that wire, removal of the Front Bell Transformer wire (in your case, Rear), and attachment to the fused link.

However, if both bells are working, I wouldn’t really worry about it.