Fuse wire picture?

These are the wires that just came with my Wyze Video Doorbell Pro. Is the top wire the fuse wire? I’m looking at installation videos and I don’t think I any fuse wires with prongs but rather they look like a wire with both ends the same as the left side of the bottom two wires in my picture.

Did I receive the wrong wire or should I go ahead and connect my old mechanical chime’s two copper wire ends to the double-pronged wire at the top of my photo? Thanks!

You got the right wires and you have it right.

The top wire is the jumper wire that you will use on the mechanical chime. I think the instructions reference it as a fuse wire, the non-pro version had a fuse on it.

The bottom wires are extenders for the doorbell if you need them.

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Thank you! I’m an idiot with home improvement stuff so let me just repeat my understanding in more detail to make sure I’m not confused if you don’t mind. I take the red and white wires hooked up to my old mechanical chime (I think I have the exact same mechanical chime as in this Wyze instructional video for the non-pro version), disconnect them from their respective screws, then connect each one to opposite ends of the top wire in my photo, capping them both with a wire nut. Is that right?

I’m confused because the copper of the old wires obviously isn’t very pliable and I don’t see how the metal prongs and copper wires can be twisted together. Do they just need to be touching? Would they fit in a wire nut?

I can try shortly but I don’t want to inadvertently mess anything up. Thanks for any additional feedback!

Following up to quote you since I didn’t in my earlier reply. Here’s a photo of the wire nut that doesn’t fit the prong.

The app calls it a jump wire.

Actually, all you need to do is loosen the two terminal screws that the wires were connected to on your doorbell chime and slide those prongs on to the terminal then tighten them back down. With the original wires for the mechanical chime back in it’s normal configuration.

The video you referenced above was for the Wyze video doorbell, not the pro version.

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I really appreciate the fast reply! Again, because I’m such a newbie, I just want to make sure I don’t misinterpret so bear with me to make sure I’m clear. I take the top cable from my original photo and use it to connect the center and right screws (trans and front), and put the two red wires back there too, where they originally were. Is that right?

Thank you!

No worries, happy to assist. Correct, it will look like this. But I need you to imagine my markup as being the original wires :wink:… I have mine bypassed a different way



Thanks again for all the help—attaching a pic for your thumbs-up before flipping the power back on!

As long as I’m at it—I have a new doorbell transformer with multiple voltage options. Should I opt for 24V instead of 16V?

Looks good to me, assuming the chime wires are back on their original terminals.

As for the voltage, I would suggest leaving it at 16, but I am no electrician. The lower voltage should apply enough power to the doorbell to keep it maintained.

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Thank you! Hopefully my last questions on the wiring but if you’ll indulge me…

Does it matter whether the copper doorbell wire or the jumper wire is the frontmost or back-most one, or do they just have to be touching?

Not that I understand anything about electrical work, but how does this bypass the mechanical chime if the two red wires are still connected to where they used to be? I thought the point of the official video installation guide was to disconnect them from the terminals so that they don’t ring the old chime. Not saying you’re wrong but just trying to educate myself.

Just touching


I believe the intent is to create a loop since the button press on the Wyze doorbell has a digital reaction and not a mechanical, send current to the plunger to hit the chime.

The original video is a little more work disconnecting and using the wire nuts, the same results can be achieved creating the loop, as I understand, with a little less effort.

It worked. Thank you!

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I connected both wires in the chime box together with a wire nut and the Wyze Doorbell Pro works.

Is there any harm in having it connected like this?

Welcome to the forum @Chaingang54!

To the best of my knowledge, that configuration should have no issue. Both methods create a loop, the OPs configuration uses a jumper, and the way you and I have it in my pic above is a bypass.

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I just installed the Video doorbell pro the other day. I had the same confusion about the fuse wire. I put in a call to support and discovered they no longer include the fuse wire and that the fuse is built into the doorbell itself. So you can either use the included jumper to jump between the two terminals on the doorbell chime or disconnect the two wires and wire nut them together. Either way will work. I wish Wyze would be more clear on this in the instructions which don’t mention it at all.

It’s a mess. The in-app instructions reference the fuse wire, the online guide links to an installation video for the regular (not the Pro) doorbell, and even beyond the instructions I’ve had issues. I have a pink/purple hue during daytime so they’re sending a replacement unit. Two of the screws stripped/broke on me, and there is so little room to mount the camera when using wired power. I could go on…

It’s funny because I’m happy with the product itself, but it seems like the different teams at Wyze aren’t talking since the instructions have straight-up errors and confusing wording at multiple stages and for multiple products.

Is it possible to hook the doorbell camera up without any if the provided fuse wires…i cant seem to find mine. I have everything else