Wyze Doorbell Fuse Wire

I was looking at the Wyze doorbell and watched the video on it’s installation. I noticed that it said to put the fuse wire across the old chime wires after you disconnect them. What happens if you don’t do this step? Is the included chime integral to the operation of the doorbell or is the Wyze chime required in order for the Wyze doorbell to work? My current doorbell plays the bells/chimes from (West Minister Abby or Winchester Cathedral?) and I would like to keep them as my chime but don’t want to destroy the Wyze doorbell by not installing the fuse wire!

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This is from the doorbell support pages:

You can visit the link and check out the doorbell info pages for lots of info about the doorbell. But if you are bypassing your other chime, I’d go through will all the install steps to insure your Wyze doorbell gets adequate power.


The fuse is a safety measure. The doorbell will still work without it but the fuse is meant to protect the doorbell in case of a power surge. The Wyze Chime is not required but since you have to bypass the mechanical chime, it’s only option for a audible doorbell.


And to try to directly answer one of the questions, my guess is that if you don’t fuse or short those wires to complete the circuit, your new doorbell won’t get any power at all.


I’m confused by this link, I have a transformer like the one in the picture (metal 2 prongs) however i can’t locate my chime. I check the wire outside and they do measure 17V which should be enough for the wyze dorbel to function, however when i wired it it doesn’t turn on. I’m guessing i still need to figure out where to put the fuse and close the circuit? suggestions?

Welcome to the forums! If you wire the original doorbell back in and press the button, where does the noise come from, the chime in your house should ding? My chime box was high on a wall in my kitchen.

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Yeah they seem to like to hide them above the kitchen cabinets.

I’m surprised he found the transformer before the chime. Usually the other way around?

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Funny you ask, I have a Ring currently that I’m trying to replace, so the chime comes from the ring plug, which I’m sure it’s not what you want to hear. What I’m confused about is that the wires outside do have power verified by a multimeter 17.5 volt, but the wyze doesn’t power up. I know where the transformer is but i wasn’t planning to mess with those cables, is there a way to wire the fuse parallel to the two wires outside? or i must find and disconnect the mechanical chime assuming there is one around?

I am have no experience with Ring, and am unaware how they are wired up. If that system is supposed to use the regular chime or has something in the old chime box that may need to be removed to add the Wyze fuse then you’d need to find it. Did your house ever have a regular chime/doorbell? Did you install the ring?

I installed the Ring and yes the house use to have a mechanical chime which stopped working the moment i installed the ring, so i guess need to find the box, I’m just not sure i understand why, if the voltage is correct on the wires why the wyze is not functional once you wire it?.

Hi! I tried to connect my doorbell but the connection was 220 V. Now my fuse wire its gone.How can i get another one? Thank you

Seriously? 220V? Please stop and find someone who understands this a little better. You can get yourself killed. That kind of voltage should be nowhere near a doorbell mount.


Already contacted an electrician. Thank you for your concern


How was it wired up? Looks like it was wired up on the wrong side of the transformer. Glad no one was hurt! (I hope).

here is the next follow up I believe the wyze is bad, here is why:

  1. i found both of my mechanical chime as i have one on each side of the house, I disconnected both, One i wired directly one i wired with the fuse i tested the power at the chime box and the power is there 17V.
    I tested the power at the doorbel and the same 17v are shown however the doorbell doesn’t turn on. I checked the fuse to make sure it not damaged and it’s not. so this leave me to a DOA doorbell. :frowning:
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One thing you could try to verify if the doorbell is bad. On the back of the doorbell is a weatherproof plug covering a microSD connector. Remove the plug and power via microSD. If the doorbell powers up, I suppose it doesn’t necessarily rule out a bad doorbell but if it does power, I’d check your wiring again.


How do I get an additional fuse cable? My existing doorbell had 2 chime boxes.

You will see the 17 volts open circuit even with the old chime not bypassed, but once you try to power the door cam with the old chime still in the circuit the voltage will probably drop with out bypassing the old chime. Try measuring with the cam connected, your voltage to the cam may drop. If you can’t find the old chime, you should be able to hear it by touching the doorbell wires to each other.

If you only have 1 transformer you only need 1 fuse. It’s to protect from a power surge.

Thank you fro the response, how do I know its one transformer?