How can I use the new DOORBELL CAMERA without a doorbell presently installed

I presently do not have a doorbell or the wiring for one. Are there plans to fix this issue?

I’ll fix it.
Where do you live? :blush:

Im in the same boat. I was super excited for the doorbell since my house currently doesnt have one only to be let down :frowning: Hopefully, theres a solution for us.

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The solution is a power supply. It’s not too difficult to add one to an existing building.

This 24V transformer is a good option. @Ken.S posted it earlier. Hook it up to the doorbell and plug it up.

24 Volt Transformer, C Wire Adapter Thermostat, Competible with All Versions of Ring Doorbell and Thermostat for Nest Ecobee, Sensi and Honeywell, 315" Long Cable 24V Transformer


I used a transformer from Amazon, bell wire and an extension cord to power mine for testing. I have a100+ year old house that never knew about doorbells. Has worked great for months.


Whereas you never know if they will follow the wired with a wireless, the specs in the store say the power reqs are 16V-24V AC (≥10VA). So you would need a transformer. Thanks to @Ken.S and @StopICU33 above.

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Should definitely introduce an option for renters to compete with the Ring Peephole cam!

Since the actual camera runs on DC they could eliminate the AC->DC part of the circuit and add the battery and charging logic.

Has anyone tried this solution with their beta test unit? I don’t have existing wiring so would need something like this but would like to confirm it works.

It has to work. That’s all an existing doorbell would use. All the Wyze doorbell requires is 16v-24v DC.

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Thanks. I guess my concern is can we trust what’s on the label when it’s from amazon?

Amazon is just reselling the same stuff everyone else resells.
What are you worried about, the voltage?

Might be talking about Ring, which is owned by Amazon. I had one once, specs seemed fine. They’re just expensive, own 80% of the internet, and have serious privacy issues. But their the only one I’ve seen that is halfway decent, have a wireless option, and theft prevention by sticking half of it through the peephole for apartment renters. I bet Wyze could make one for $50. I could probably make one, but I’d rather just buy it as I don’t have time for that right now.

Yea I guess it says 24v but what if it’s 26v or something. Or less than 16v? Like a Chinese knockoff kinda worry.

No, not talking about ring. Talking about the power adapter/transformer that is linked to this thread.

They are all made in China. There is nothing to knockoff. :slightly_smiling_face:
If you’re that worried measure the voltage.
You may be able to find one locally but it will also be made in China and cost twice as much.

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