Video Doorbell install question

Would I be able to run electric for the Video Doorbell if I do NOT have an existing doorbell atm?

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Yes. That is what I do for my doorbell.

BUT, it can’t be normal household power. 110v AC power will fry it in an instant.

The doorbell has to be powered by a Transformer or a Power Adapter delivering between 16v and 24v with a minimum VA (Volts x Amps) of 10VA. Most doorbell transformers sold at the big box stores meet this requirement.

I actually bought a 24V Power Adapter that comes with 26ft of wire and ran it to an outlet and plugged it in.


This is the transformer I use

Bargain bin doorbell transformers are not rated for continuous duty. The only time these are used are when the button is pushed which completes the circuit. Some doorbell buttons have a light which doesn’t load the transformer like a continuous video feed.

I speak from experience. Our home had a bargain bin transformer that overheated a few days after installing a Ring doorbell. Noticed a strong odor of burnt wiring in the basement. The transformer was too hot to touch. It was attached to a metal junction box which dissipated some of the heat, but the junction box was attached to a 2x10 floor joist. The other side of the joist was warm to the touch.


Snagged one of the plug in transformers from Amazon like Slab mentioned. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.