Wyze Doorbell, alternate power supply

Got two new doorbells, found out the wiring was shredded and not connected to existing chimes or power supply . Can I set up each doorbell with and alternate power source ? ie 12 dc volt power supply?

The output of your new power supply would have to be within the input limits listed in the doorbell. Folks have been successful using a power supply and powering the doorbell.

A search of the forums located a few threads about this topic.


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I need to buy a power supply for my Wyze door bell that I can just plug into a wall outlet. 10 amps at 24VAC seems like big time overkill power for a relatively tiny modern door bell camera. I simply cannot imagine what that little camera is going to do with 10 amps at 24 volts ! I see a bunch of plug in door bell power supplies on Amazon…but I wonder if one much less beefy than a 10 amps will work. Anybody know if I am going wrong here? Anybody have a SPECIFIC model of plug-in-the-wall power supply available off of Amazon that works ? Tks.

Not 10 amps, it’s 10 va. I am not an electrician but a quick Google search showed me some info on the difference.


SOLVED…just use the micro USB plug that is hidden under the grey tape on the back of the Wyze Doorbell Cam. Works like a charm…and no need to buy some odd-ball power supply that many homes in recent decades never came with. Also…that USB port makes it POSSIBLE to mount the device directly on the door below the peep-hole…and the power can live on the other side in the form of a battery pack on the door…or…a cleverly routed very thin power cable to a regular USB wallwart. Just why WYZE does not speak a bit louder about this alternate way of powering the WYZE doorbell cam…the fact that this little USB port is hidden under a piece of tape…this is a mystery.

because it is meant for diagnostics and not full time power, just a heads up, will probably void warranty if used as power input.

@spamoni4 added an external power source he may be able to shed some knowledge.

Sorry @steve4335 was meant for general reply, not direct to you.

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No worries, just to put it out there: here is the one i got:

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I used the USB port for setting it up in the House prior to putting it in place. It allowed me to connect it to my router, setup the sensitivity and other items. I then hooked it up outside to a normal Doorbell setup. I ran it that was for a couple of days continuously,

Using the USB port out doors does Void Warranties, I was told. so you need to be careful as it is not the recommended method for hooking it up.

I do know that others have found Transformers which plugs into an outlet, but provides the dual wires like a doorbell. I also found a POE adapter which provides double wires for hooling up to a Doorbell. All viable options.

That would work

FYI… Not a mystery, explained here.

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Well…no mention of it at all was made in any directions provided to me when I got it in the box…and what was under that grey piece of tape WAS A MYSTERY. Thanks for clearing that up and letting me know that my warranty is now void. Powering the door bell this way seems to be working fine. A strategic dobb of silicone seal should work nicely. WYZE engineers need to know…a lot of homes and apartments across the USA never had hardwired doorbells. Finding a way to weatherproof a USB connection…similar to the WyzeCamV3 except with very narrow 5V USB power wires… is the way to go. Buying an odd-ball power transformer when we all have so many USB wall warts laying around…is a waste and a pain.

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So I conclude after reading about the Wyze doorbell is that it isn’t very Wise at all. Why is that considering there are alternatives that do not need to be hard wired.