Is 14V adequate for a Wyze doorbell using existing wiring?

Our original Ring doorbell died recently, and I’m looking to replace it with a Wyze doorbell, since we already have a few cameras in the house. In fact I’ll probably jump on the deal currently offered with the Wyze Lock as well.

I watched a video where someone installing one measured the voltage at his existing doorbell wiring, and it was between 14 and 15 volts, He stated that this wouldn’t be enough, and he replaced the transformer located in his existing chime box. After replacing the transformer, the voltage was over 18 volts. I have an existing doorbell, also measuring about 14 volts. I don’t think I have access to the transformer to replace it,

Will this be a problem? Can I just wire up the Wyze Doorbell to the existing wires and expect it to work? I’m really hoping this will be a simple installation and I don’t want to spend lots of money on a competing system.

The Wyze Video Doorbell requires between 16V-24V AC with ≥10VA to operate, so the amps are important.

The Wyze Video Doorbell Pro, however, is a battery powered cam that only uses the existing wiring and transformer to recharge the battery when needed. Therefore, the power requirements aren’t as strict since it will only affect the charge time.

I use this transformer and have had zero problems with my Wyze Video Doorbell.

Jeff said I bought this in November 2019, so it has been going strong for over 3 years.

Those older bargain bin transformers are meant for intermittent use (momentary push button switch) not powering a video camera. I came home to a putrid burning insulation odor about a week after switching to a Ring doorbell. The transformer was attached to a metal box which was nailed to a floor joist. The back side of the joint was warm to the touch, so a few more hours might have changed things drastically.
The transformer was hot enough to cook an egg.

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Jeff sent me this one about 2 years ago.

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