Overpowered ac transformer

The ac transformer for my current doorbell is 24 volts ac. When I test the voltage it is at 29.5 volts.Is it safe to use, or should I replace it?

Well the specifications say 16-24 volts so I would think about changing it. Maybe another member can tell you what to voltage is to their doorbell,

This is open circuit voltage. It is always going to appear higher when there is no load on the transformer,
You just have a cheaper transformer with lower quality regulation, so the open circuit voltage floats up. Once you connect a load to it, it should drop down to the normal 24-27V.


Speadie is right. You are measuring unloaded open circuit voltage. It will always be higher. That is very normal. You are safe to install the doorbell. The voltage will be adjusted for the doorbell internally by its own voltage regulators.

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I posted elsewhere on this forum about an issue I had when switching from a regular doorbell to a Ring Pro. The existing transformer was fully capable of powering my old doorbell since the only time a load was placed on the transformer was when the button was pressed. A few weeks after installing the Ring Pro, I detected an electrical type odor in the basement. The original doorbell transformer was too hot to touch. The Ring Pro doorbell put too much of a load on the original transformer causing it to overheat. Swapping it out with a heavy duty transformer saved my home from burning down.

The Wyze doorbell might not draw as many amps as the Ring but could still overload a cheap transformer built before the advent of video doorbells.

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Had a similar issue with my cheap generic doorbell transformer, didn’t overheat but did get hot and developed a hum.

Wound up using the AC transformer (24V AC) from my old sprinkler system and it’s been solid and cool for a while now.

Thank You, Ed