Overloading Transformer?

I installed the Video Doorbell a few weeks ago, and it kept running a really slow live picture and resetting itself. Turns out I was running the doorbell with a 10V transformer. After switching that to a 16V transformer, the Video Doorbell worked great.

Tonight, I installed the Wzye Thermostat, which is on the same transformer. Immediately, the Video Doorbell started running slowly again. I switched the transformer over to the 24V setting (it has 8, 16, and 24) but it didn’t improve anything.

I don’t know a ton about electricity or transformers, but is it possible the thermostat is contributing to the slowdown of the doorbell? If so, what can I do about it? Thanks!

disconnect the tstat & see if it improves…if it does, I’d add a 2nd transformer, so they have their own…they’re pretty cheap

The thermostat should be powered by your HVAC system, not a separate transformer.

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Oh shoot, you’re right. Then I have a different issue. Then why would the doorbell all of a sudden slow down? They’re both on the same fuse…would that make a difference?