Wyze Video Doorbell & no existing wiring

I do not have an existing doorbell. Can the Wyze Video Doorbell be used in the scenario?

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Welcome to the Forum Community, @David_a_baxter. Yes the doorbell can be used if you have no existing doorbell. What it will require if that you have added a transformer and wire from it to the doorbell. It comes with a wireless chime which can be plugged into any standard household outlet within your Wifi range.
But you will need to provide that-the doorbell is** not ** battery operated!


What are the specs for the transformer which would be needed?

This is what Wyze provides:

I live in an older home which had no doorbell wiring and this is what I used:


Thanks so much Tomp. Basic question - Since my house is not pre-wired, will I have to install this in the attic and draw wires to the front door? I was considering something like below, which can be plugged into the wall outlet and the wire going into the Wyze doorbell. Am I thinking this right?


Can I just wire this from one of my outlets?

Would also like to know if the above linked wall plug solution would work okay. It seems like it would, but wondering if anyone’s done it yet. Thanks!

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I put the transformer in an electrical box with appropriate wire nuts, etc and a blank cover plate. The 110 input was provided by a standard 16ga extension cord wire and plug, output is standard doorbell wire. It can be plugged in any standard 110 outlet or it could be hardwired. Essentially it’s just your standard doorbell transformer-in-box.
Caveat: check and follow your local codes and use appropriate safety precautions when working with electricity!! Electricity can be deadly!

Hey guys, I’ve created a YouTube video of my installation without existing doorbell.

I hope this will help you.

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We had a second door on the house with no doorbell. So all that is needed is the transformer to power the Wyze Video Doorbell. I created a Thingiverse project to solve this. All the needed parts are linked via Amazon. If you don’t have a 3D printer to print the box, there are lots of boxes available at Home Depot or on Amazon.

I am in Canada, and Amazon.ca has different stock. Would this output work - 18V 500mA?
Also - the doorbell will be mounted on a gate, so I would prefer a plugin adapter.

Can I wire this from one of my switches? I have one for the light and hallway right behind where I want to put the doorbell