Video Doorbell or Wait on Stock for Video Doorbell Pro

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Since there is no ETA on when the Video Doorbell Pro will be available for purchase again, would it still make sense to purchase the Video Doorbell or wait until the Video Doorbell Pro becomes available? Been waiting for almost 2 months for it to become available.

Here is a comparison link, if that helps:

I just use a V3 pointing at my front door. Gives you continuous SD card recording, for one:

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It depends on your needs.

I have both Doorbells and have different use cases for both.
Here is a comparison @Spam…And I’ll stop as @Newshound beat me :wink:

But you can also check your local THD to see if they have it in stock

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I have a v3 at my front door as well.

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I have a v3 by my front door as well. Actually all around my property I have v3’s and really like them.

The only reason I need this is for when someone comes to my door. I’ve missed a few deliveries already so need to get this in to sort it out.

I’ve been waiting on stock for the VDBP, but can get the VDB right now. From all the experience is there that much of a difference between the 2 ? I want instant notifications when my doorbell is pushed for me to answer and communicate with the other person. That’s the only thing I really need but will always welcome any extra features.

I had the original Wyze doorbell with lots of issues including a warranty replacement.

So far no issues with the Wyze doorbell pro, and that fisheye view is pretty good, now I have a chance to play with it. Wait for the doorbell pro if you can.

Thanx. I will do this and wait for stock.

What are the differences between the Doorbell Pro and the doorbell?

See reply #2 in this thread for a link to a comparison between the doorbells.

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Thanks, bt that doesn’t tell me the difference in the specs.

Did you click on the link or are you looking for more?

This is the comparison @spamoni4 did in the response provided by @Newshound



After many months with Video Doorbell Pro, I am very happy with it and glad I swapped out the original Video Door bell.

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