Wyze doorbell cameras comparison

Has anyone A/B’d the Wyze doorbell with the Wyze doorbell pro? I’m thinking (hoping) of replacing my Arlo, but which to get. Also thinking of getting one for my sister who is a technophobe, which is best for her?

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I have the original VDB from Wyze. Had the Eufy and switched. My son had the Arlo and did not care for it much. I have been impressed with the Wyze VDB version 1, not sure I will switch to the VDB Pro, but am considering it. My hesitation is only with the Fish Eye on the new Doorbell.

With that said here are some comparisons between the Doorbells

                            image                       image

Item VDB version 1 VDB version 2 (pro)
Connection Wired Only Battery and Wired
Resolution [1080p] 1296 x 1728 and [480p] 480 x 640

Note: Has a 2K sensor at a resolution of (2048 x 1536).

1440x1440p Full HD
Detection Pixel Based PIR
Dimensions 1.5'' width x 3.25'' tall x 0.625'' depth 141 mm x 46.5 mm x 28 mm (5.5 in x 1.8 in x 1.1 in)
Weather IP65 IP65
Connectivity 802.11 b/g/n, 2.4GHz (5GHz WiFi not supported) 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz WiFi via Chime Base
Aspect Ratio 3:4 (Not Fish Eye) Fish Eye
Field of View Horizontal: 88 degree, Vertical: 120 degree Horizontal 150°, Vertical 150°
Transformer Spec 16-24 VAC If WIred: 16-24 VAC

Here are the links to the Wyze Site for each Doorbell:

VDB Version 1
VDB Pro version 2


Hard to add anything to the nicely crafted table, but the vdb is pixel change detection, and pro has a PIR detection.


Thanks… Will add it. Forgot that one, comparing while building the table.

EDIT: Added it as detection.

Qurstion, do you have a VDB? if so, are you going to get the Pro version?


Thank you! I don’t particularly care for fish eye either. I think the field of view on the original doorcambell would work for my porch.

My Arlo has never functioned properly. When the video stream appeared on mobile devices half+ the screen would be greyed out. I used to have a few days rolling recording, but now there’s nothing unless you pay the overpriced subscription. Controlling the motion field never worked either. I tried blocking the street, but all I ever ended up with was videos of cars going by. I have a Wyze outdoor cam, if the doorcambell blocking works as well as outdoor I’ll be happy.

Now I’m interested in hearing fro Wyze users who’ve migrated from original to pro.

Thanks! Which of those are preferable for the doorbell, in your opinion?

I personally would probably get the Pro if the Fish Eye does not bother you. Since it is a thinner footprint and Battery as well. It also will use your 5Ghz WiFi. I am not too fond of the Fish Eye, but like the other features.

The VDB Pro is sold out from the Wyze Site. you may be able to pick one up at Home Depot. The VDB Version 1 is available at Home Depot and on the Wyze Store Site


Nice comparison chart, @spamoni! :slight_smile:

A few thoughts:

You might add 16-24 VAC to ‘wired’.

The fish eye lens may be of special interest to those who want to see if a package has been delivered. However, it still won’t see if a package is up against the wall directly below the doorbell (150° field of view, not 180°).

Some Chime facts:

  • The Chime is a bit larger on the Pro (about 2.75"H x 2.75"W x 1.6"D)
  • Chime acts as a BASE for the Doorbell Pro. So you would want that chime centrally located in your house, maybe halfway between your router and your doorbell.
  • The router talks to the chime using either 2.4 or 5 GHz bands, and the chime talks to the Doorbell Pro using Bluetooth.
  • Only 1 Doorbell Pro per chime, and only 1 chime per Doorbell Pro. (that may be an issue to those who have multiple chimes on the original doorbell now)

Leaving out that the older doorbell has a hidden 2K (2048 x 1536) resolution.


Yea, the VDB version one has a 2K sensor at a higher resolution. Not sure why Wyze has not activated it yet.

I will add this and what @Newshound provided to the list, in case others are looking for it.


Nice. As long as you’re being so complete I’d also suggest a photo and list price for each. :wink:

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LOL – Ok

EDIT - Done. Hopefully it looks good

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Thanks so much @Newshound for additional details. I had definitely missed the Bluetooth connection. And the 1-1 relationship with chime-doorbell. I might have put an additional chime downstairs, but it’s not a necessity necessity for me. If Wyze could utilize Alexa devices as additional chimes (as I and others have ‘wished’ for), that would be that problem solved.

I wish packages directly under my doorbell was an issue, my delivery folks barely get them under the porch overhang. :laughing:


I have the VDB. Love it. Wished the status light could be controlled more like the other Wyze cameras but it works great. Like the small form factor, had to snipe an extra vertical wedge from a friend who bought one at home Depot because the pre order VDB s didn’t come with vertical wedges but that’s my only gripe other than the status light thing. :slight_smile:


Here are comparisons of nighttime viewing capabilities. Was surprised how well the standard WVDB did here!

P.S. – I could barely keep the standard WVDB running – it was on the edge of range from my router. The Doorbell Pro worked great, because it had the chime base halfway from the router.

Maybe tomorrow I’ll do daytime pics for comparison:

WVDB Day sensor at night

WVDB Pro Day sensor at night

V3 Day sensor at night

V2 Day sensor at night

WVDB Night Vision

WVDB Pro Night Vision

V3 Night Vision

V2 Night Vision


Yeah, the original db night vision better than pro! That’s… curious… That V3 quality though. Blows my Arlo cams a-way. Wow!

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Here are the promised comparisons of daytime viewing capabilities.


WVDB Pro Day

V3 Day

V2 Day


Hi @Lugh, I was able to create an Alexa routine to do what you want. A press the video doorbell triggers a routine that plays a chime on the Alexa device of my choosing.

Interesting, I’ll check that out. Thanks!

Nice pics. Looks like your camera is pointed east. Anyone have their Bell pointed south towards the sun? I wonder how the camera would react to backlighting of the sun?? I notice that the $30 Kangaroo has a backlight setting.