Enabled 2K resolution on doorbell

Would be nice if the 2K resolution for the Wyze Doorbell could be enabled, I know everywhere Wyze advertises 1080p but it clearly states it can do up to 2K resolution on the website.

Screen Shot 2021-09-04 at 11.31.00 PM

Looks like a future OTA upgrade to 2K is planned:

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Yes please, would be a great change.

I spoke to another community member who indicated that the 2K was there at one time, maybe in testing, but it has never been fully released.

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Whoa, this is great, and news to me. That will immediately make the doorbell by far the highest resolution camera Wyze sells.


It looks to me that won’t happen. They are releasing soon the new Doorbell Pro and the resolution is only: Resolution: 1440x1440p Full HD; Field of view: Horizontal 150°, Vertical 150°

So I doubt they will release the OTA for 2K which will give the old doorbell a better resolution than the new…

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Id think that’d be a waste of hardware or cost at getting the larger sensors then, because if all it takes is a over-the-air upgrade that means that the hardware is already in place on our doorbells. one of the reasons I invested in these doorbells was because I was intrigued by the 2K res and was bummed it wasn’t released from the get-go.

It’s happening soon actually according to wyze support.

Any updates on this? Will we ever get the 2k resolution on the doorbell v1?

No updates. We could’ve/should’ve asked Wyze during their most recent ama event that just happened a week ago. Nobody asked.

Maybe I’ll set myself a reminder for the next one

My guess is that they won’t upgrade it to 2K, but there are some decent rationales to do it since it is the only camera that does Portrait view, so some people will want to keep using it instead of ever upgrading to any of the others.

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I asked about this in the AMA this week. Feel free to vote for it at the following link if you would like an answer:


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